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The wind’s whispers are drown out

by screams and shouts

broken dreams, no doubt seem

the end is near

awash with tears

and years and years will pass you by

what dreams did come abruptly die

and cry and sing farewell to pain

and dance and stumble in acid rain

all that remain now rot and rust

ashes to ashes

and dust to dust

and winds blow truth from dying tongues

but void of proof

with smoke filled lungs

and coffee black

and crack the code

and heart attack and gravel road

we found Tom Joad all out of breath

the preacher man led him to meth

but Jesus freaks don’t speak for him

they leave him hanging from a limb

with nails and pails to catch the wine

heres silver coins, pay Caesar’s fine

we burn the flesh and worship dust

who is this God in whom we trust?

We lust for treasures, fortune, fame

we’ve broken rules of every game

and its a shame we cannot see

that we all hang from the same tree.


Roman legionnaires are we,

shouting ‘freedom isn’t free’.









South of Richmond

Every other billboard

literally every other billboard

along a one mile stretch of I-95

just south of Richmond, Virginia

is for the Army National Guard

The others are for God,


and the Navy Federal Credit Union.

This is God’s country

and if God loves anything

its giving poor kids

a false sense of hope

in a better future

before sending them

to kill other poor kids

who have no hope

of any future.







May Day

It’s May Day

May Day

May Day

come, workers of the world

unite and fight for justice

tell all the boys and girls

that today’s the day,

no need to pray

we’ll stand up and we’ll fight

and we won’t forget coal miners

still out of mind and out of sight

and lightning strikes a second time

as conmen steal our pay

and rob social security

it’s time we seized the day

and seize the capital

take back what we have lost

a billion here, a trillion there

we’ve lost sight of the cost

May Day

May Day

May Day

we’ve lost count of all the wars

and Johnny lost his mind

on one of his eleven tours

though it was there for many score

the factory shut down

the lights went out in Holyoke

and an Irish widow frowned

and drowned in cheap whiskey

can’t drink away the truth

though try, she will

wash down more pills

can they make a higher proof?

they’re making bombs now

it’s the only job in town

unless you want to be a jailer

or a methcook, or a clown

we’re down and out now

and out of options once again

May Day

May Day

May Day

I need a job, I need a friend

I need a living wage

and I won’t build your bombs

this needle seems less harmful

see, it’s the only thing that calms

and psalms the preacher reads

like Casey long ago

I’m a lonely ghost of yesteryear

lost, looking for a soul

but April showers bring May flowers

that you’ll lay on my grave

May Day

May Day

May Day

wish I had a soul to save

I gave it on the dotted line

fine print, I did not read

I thought I’d fight for freedom

but I only fought for greed

and seeds of hate are sewn

ships blown a mile of course

May Day

May Day

May Day

the carts attached to a red horse

and dead men dictate what is just

but these men owned human beings,

why is it in their God, we trust?

is there something we’re not seeing?

let’s all dance around the Maypole

roll our sleeves up for this fight

and stop funding war and violence

if we believe in basic human rights









We’ll Call ‘Em French Fries Again

23 July 2015

Cartoon drawings of profits splattered with blood

draining from the wrists of artists pushing the limits

tempting the reality of a world we’ve created

since the crusades

fought now by Muslim police officers

dying in the streets to protect a country

that sees no difference

sees the same faces

names sound the same

faces of Muhammad

faces of Osama

unnamed, faceless,

face it, we’re racist

about face, racing against

time is no longer

on our side of the road

dead children playing with bombs

dropped by soldiers fighting for

fighting for

soldiers know not what they’re fighting for

freedom to fight

more war after war

after years of aggression and oppression and exploitation

and this is nothing

if not new-age colonization

and the empire never dies

just travels to new kings

with new crowns

and we don’t want to be royals

flush blood diamonds

drown in crown royal

tear the queen’s gown

unraveling the planet,

thread by thread

unraveling humanity,

thread by thread

the dead

bodies pile up

soon enough

head to China

by way of new silk

road blocks don’t stop

progress must go on

climbing over the great

wal-mart shoppers

lining up to be

shots ring out in


made for TV


news to progressive shoppers

buy made in China

rotten apple products

progress must go on

must make reasons to expand

empire needs a


no shortage of enemies

from sea to

see what we’ve done

see nightly news

headlines spreading

from DC

acoss the Atlantic

xenophobia spreading

like the plague

they get us to panic

read between the lines

outside shopping centers

to buy more


made in China


and guns

and drones

made in America

and of course terrorism



but where did they come from

who built their bombs and guns

who built their ideology

to freedom fight communism,

who trained and funded them…?

there doesn’t have to be a good guy in this

it’s not a pissing contest

both sides can be wrong,

because we all know what violence begets…

think about it,

are men blowing themselves up

worse than an empire blowing up villages,

destroying whole peoples and cultures,

circling the planet

like insatiable vultures


drones blowing up

villages destroyed

toy soldiers marching around

the world war three

is a video game

played at American Air Force bases

with joy-

sticks and stones

thrown from thousands of miles away

displayed on screens of

black and white

fighting on computer screens

sifting gold

from the sands

of history

blowing in the wind

no answers

can’t see

sand blinding me

can’t see

cartoon drawings of prophets

freedom of speech

is an Orwellian term

when cops beating up activists

has become the norm

when desert storm winds

carry sands

fill European cobblestone


broken men

push falafel carts

broken wheels

wobbling round downtown


don’t you dare buy

into the lies

they’re only doing it

to get a rise

out of you

when you ain’t got nothing

you got nothing

Toulouse, France

cheering on militarized police

goose stepping with machine guns

through the cobblestone

streets monitored by big brother

glancing cameras everywhere

conjuring boogeymen

in Paris

scaring little old ladies with baguettes

in Marseille

and brain-washing four-twenty babies

in Lyon

with wine


rage misdirected

away from austerity

we’re all lambs now,

silently led astray

led to pray for pie

-in-the-sky promises

but the only promise was Orwell’s

1984 was an instruction manual

Ronnie Reagan was a novice

but these draft dodging politicians

are no joke

gone are the days

of funding covert ops

with opium and coke

now it’s real

wars funded with our future

with the blood and treasure

of Reagan

and Bush

and now Clinton babies

but gone are the 80’s

when we were born

they were only getting warmed up

and uncle Europe has studied up

and our on-again off-again friend France

has learned a thing or two from us young pups

we made the world tired

and hungry

and poor

but now its up


And away with

the immigrants

turn around their ships

hope they drowned

hope they,

well…we need the cheap labor here in France

so some can stay

but they’re just so scary

look like they might have Ebola

or Aids

or they’re running around

dressed like nuns,

depending where they’re from

Christ, they probably exit the womb

with Kalashnikov lullabies

getting them by

until a time

when they can kill us,

blow up a bus

or something.

Well, all the Muslims I know are nice

but I watch the news

each and every night

so I know that they wouldn’t think twice

about killing me

I can see it in their eyes


I just know the newsman wouldn’t lie

just know that we would all die

if not for all of the militarized police

and all the cameras on every street



don’t say I didn’t warn you

when you’re the only one left

and the government comes to

take you away…


pull your head out of your

ass now

before its too late


what we’re looking at today

does not have to be

our fate…



and other countries,

let’s learn from

our collective mistakes

do we have what it takes

or will we call ’em French fries again

but I guess


they have always been

and here we have

the roosting hen

because every action

has a reaction

and we’ve lost traction

and we’re losing

and keep choosing

the wrong door

and keep fighting

the wrong war

and soldiers ruined

our Eiffel Tower tour

and let’s have wine

and not war

and baguettes

and not bombs

and Brie

and not bullets

and we can have more Cognac

instead of attack

after attack

after attack

and no more French fries

and no, don’t super-size

and more lies

will never

set us

or anyone
















Stones and Sticks

We’re sticking knives

into the heart

poking and prodding

and twisting

rusty old knives

one by one

and sometimes many

all at once

only they’re not knives

but stones

and sticks

because we’re primitive

with insatiable thirst

and the blood

has trickled

from our lips

flowing down mountains

into valley streams

emptying into rivers

and larger rivers

and larger rivers, still

spilling into an ocean

we pretend will never fill

as humanity slowly bleeds,

we’re drowning.

We’re drowning.

We’re drowning.

We’re drowning in a blue,


and blood red ocean

staying drunk and high

just trying to get by

while more bombs and bullets fly

and mothers and fathers cry

as they watch the future die

and the nightly news anchors keep lying

while the eagle keeps eying

the dove.

Humanity is on life support

in dire need

of love.