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Regret & Karmic Debt

Some nights I want to turn back the clock a decade or more, but I made my bed so I lay awake trying my best to forget wading through oceans of regret and karmic debt and one too many mistakes, … Continue reading

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Thoughts & Prayers

You are in my thoughts for whatever it’s worth and I said a prayer for you today, though I can’t say anyone listened, they   never listen. I hope to Christ and Buddha and Marx and to the sharks and … Continue reading

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Ink on Paper

Characters might change from one chapter to the next but they’re in the book even if you don’t turn back ink on paper, they’re in there

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The book will end one day and all that’s left will be pages filled with words, or left empty    

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Planting, Harvesting

Covered in red dirt with Bumpy the dog close by I become timeless and weightless, floating between yesterday and tomorrow   as I till the earth and plant food for the future and the sun will rise and the winter … Continue reading

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Eternity is an hourglass filled with grains of sand and as eons pass only a single grain slips through to join the rest at the bottom and we think we are the best generation and we think we are the … Continue reading

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And Here Is To Hoping…

If humanity survives another hundred years here is to hoping that they look back at us in complete and utter disgust… and here is to hoping that America is not still in Afghanistan and that Gaza is not still under … Continue reading

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