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And Here Is To Hoping…

If humanity survives another hundred years here is to hoping that they look back at us in complete and utter disgust… and here is to hoping that America is not still in Afghanistan and that Gaza is not still under … Continue reading

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I was seventeen, once and now, this year we will mark seventeen years since we all succumbed to fear letting our imaginations be manipulated and we began to think we were hated by peasants we’d never met in places we’d … Continue reading

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death comes to those who wait and to those who can’t wait and to those who think they can outrun fate it’s always there, lurking around every corner and behind every building in every attic and every basement in every … Continue reading

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The Sun: ode to Japan

06 August 2017   2,272,147,200 seconds ago 37,869,120 minutes ago 631,152 hours ago 26,298 days ago 3,757 weeks ago 864 months ago 72 years ago… the sun fell from the sky over Hiroshima rather, we dropped it. Slightly less time … Continue reading

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100 years of drums pounding rockets red-glaring and blind men staring 100 years of red, white, and blue doing what we do best God save the queen and fuck the rest.   Leave your family leave your farm we don’t … Continue reading

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Blind sages read blank pages as wine ages and the poet rages against cages and low wages and stages of sanity    

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The sundial stands still as its shadow crawls drunkenly out of existence but we will not mourn under moonlight and star bright twinkling shining celebrate the passing no rewinding blinding light soon to arrive no tick-rock dive into the sunset … Continue reading

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