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Life Raft

As you were drowning I sat down and prayed for you unaware that I was sitting on your life raft

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Wake Up And Smell The Falafel

We better wake up and smell the falafel and go to bed always dreaming of waffles let’s peel some potatoes and make shepherds pie and get ourselves a fresh lamb sandwich on rye lets eat our way through old imperial … Continue reading

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The Call It Blowback

We all wonder why there’s chaos around the world. They call it blowback. This chaos we see today, is thanks to the CIA.   From the Middle East and all the Americas to South East Asia we’re reaping what we … Continue reading

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Would you like to buy some Chiquita bananas with a side of lies? Don’t you wonder why they drive northbound in these caravans?  

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Harvest of Empire

What we sow in spring we shall reap at harvest time. What are refugees if not the fruit of our crimes? The harvest of our empire.     I highly recommend┬áreading the book Harvest of Empire: The History of Latinos … Continue reading

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Let’s Create No More

Let us hate no more nameless refugees of war let’s create no more  

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When Pigs Cry

The pigs have begun to cry now at the sight of the lambs being devoured by the predators but what about the sheep what about the cows what about all those goats and the horses the cats and the dogs … Continue reading

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