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Old Piggy Bank

I think about the million human beings who were just trying to survive eighteen years ago and are no longer alive because America had to go shake the queen’s old piggy bank and smash it on the floor and terrorize … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

Silence is golden only for the corrupt men that it emboldens

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Why is there silence  amid all this destruction  though we sing psalms  and call ourselves holy  holding rosary beads  with outstretched hands  not realizing that ink left in the well kills far more  than any weapon  that Wall Street  can … Continue reading

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Catch A Glimpse Of God

If you stare into  the eye of the storm you might  catch a glimpse of God

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Blind Eyes

Blind eyes of storms  we’ve created  have erased immeasurable  beauty

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You Will See God

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And Cleanse Me From My Sins

France has bloody hands from their colonial days  and all the blood stays  with them from Rwanda and  they are counting blood money  in real-time as the Saudis  commit war crimes in Yemen

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