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The Queen Never Lost Her Crown

Monk Seals already have to sunbathe on plastic-covered beaches now and they are about to be displaced from their home in Molokai’s shore waters by another species of seal the deadliest the world has known far beyond just invasive but … Continue reading

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Just Sing: An Ode to Ruffle the Hen

Ruffle the hen was killed today actually, I had to euthanize her one of the dogs attacked her and left her for dead and she had only just recovered from a respiratory infection and she was healthy again and she … Continue reading

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I was falling and it was getting colder and it grew dark and I could no longer see but something reached out and grabbed me and warmed my whole body like a cup of hot cider on a midwinter New … Continue reading

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I Forget The Cold

you are the sun I only appreciate you in absence when you’re gone, I’m left squinting to the moonlight trying to write you ode upon ode, professing the joy I feel when you shine the comfortable warmth I only start … Continue reading

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Earth & Earthlings

It’s hard to see the galaxies through the hatred and violence and it’s hard to hear humanity through the deafening silence and the fife and drum of the marching┬áband when fireworks light up the sky and the flames are fanned … Continue reading

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Yesterday midnight ran away but she turned up today and the dogs wanted to play and chased her up a tree so I climbed a ladder and brought her down and prey is now free from predator and she’s resting … Continue reading

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Pockets Full Of Coins

I had a dream last night and in the dream, I woke up   and I didn’t know where I was.   There was nothing leading up to it, I just woke up in a strange place.   Before too … Continue reading

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