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What if today’s youth were taught to chase dreams, real dreams? They’d find happiness.

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Are You Happy

Life isn’t about being polite because wrong is wrong and right is right and if you have to fight don’t fight for the oppressor and don’t fight for the aggressor and use art as your weapon use your words nuclearly … Continue reading

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autumn was ours the rest they can take like summertime at the lake and winter, warm near the fireplace and spring… but before all the leaves fell and it all went to hell we had autumn but its fading now … Continue reading

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coffee, chocolate & ice cream

coffee, chocolate & ice cream replaced cocaine, liquor and nicotine I won’t pass that way again I don’t need those kinds of friends   now I’ve got 3 dogs that I walk each day they’re my goddesses, it’s how I … Continue reading

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the red dot

the pursuit of happiness the government has sold us is not quite a dog chasing its tail or a hamster sprinting on a wheel, but a cat losing its mind trying to figure out how to catch the red dot. … Continue reading

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