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But Who…?

I. But who is to blame? The government. But who is to blame? The politicians. But who is to blame? The military. But who is to blame? The police. But who is to blame? Wall Street. But who is to … Continue reading

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The Herd

The herd is being led over here and over there watch out, they scare easily they see wolves all around crying for the shepherd who will never let them down but as the wolves starve the shepherd and his family … Continue reading

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No Fear

The angry Gods have made their choice cut out our tongues removed our voice burned our crops and plagued our land broke our legs cut off our hands gouged out our eyes cut off our ears they’re angry, we still … Continue reading

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my eyes see only clowns the circus is in town comes around every now and then there are two shows this year and you can catch them on TV and tune in until the end the elephant and donkey do great … Continue reading

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Dear Uncle Sam: War Tax Resistance Letter to the IRS

this is an edited version of the longer letter i mailed to the IRS before tax day. I edited it down to under 500 words so I could submit it to my local newspaper. 13 April 2015 To whom it … Continue reading

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