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Regret & Karmic Debt

Some nights I want to turn back the clock a decade or more, but I made my bed so I lay awake trying my best to forget wading through oceans of regret and karmic debt and one too many mistakes, … Continue reading

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What if today’s youth were taught to chase dreams, real dreams? They’d find happiness.

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And Then I Woke Up

I jumped from the top floor of a skyscraper the other night in my dream there was a crowd of people, a party of some sort, but then I jumped and then I was falling for a while and I … Continue reading

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it happened again last night in my dreams I was running through the attic running through space and time was running out of my mind finding clues under dusty boxes and in old books and I look out an open window and there you … Continue reading

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Falling Dreams

When I was a kid I used to have dreams that I was falling. I never landed, just kept on falling. It was the same place, the same dream. I was on a farm somewhere and there was a tractor … Continue reading

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By The Riverside

In the dream I’m drowning in the Euphrates sinking, can’t swim see myself hanging from a limb swinging in the wind by the riverside nowhere to run cant hide tried swimming but stuck just beneath the surface and just as … Continue reading

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pesants toil in the yard the poet argues with the bard sing praises of distinguished men but wasting breath and ink from pen write self-fulfilling prophecy pulled the plug out from the dream youthful sins ingrained in stone years gone … Continue reading

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