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Tired and Hungry and Poor

We all came here tired and hungry and poor we spent lifetimes in the factories but dreamed of so much more now the only jobs are in Afghanistan fighting in this endless war and America is tired, and hungry, and poor … Continue reading

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The wind’s whispers are drown out by screams and shouts broken dreams, no doubt seem the end is near awash with tears and years and years will pass you by what dreams did come abruptly die and cry and sing … Continue reading

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Cover Cross

The years have flown by, the ink has long dried but I lost God somewhere in the sand this cross I still bear so my story I share and here on my own I now stand I am not bragging … Continue reading

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This World

December 2007 This world is a broken place I’m sure of it  but the rest of my life I shall spend on the mending path                                                                      a lost soul soldier of this human race                                                                                      keeping pace with the … Continue reading

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