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above the rustling of the leaves and the clucking of the chickens and the singing of the birds and the crashing of the waves and the barking of the dogs and the meowing of the cats and the neighing of … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

daylight fading into evening shade tree branches swaying old record played on repeat no street lights here nothing to fear but aching feet and tired eyes havent cried in too long the records skipping mid-song just as I started singing … Continue reading

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after the rooster crows

the dogs are in the back yard hunting the cats and the cats are in the barn yard hunting the rats but the rats are at the neighbors digging through their trash and we’re at the breakfast table eating eggs … Continue reading

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Fluffy, Puffy & 2-Pec

Fluffy is a chicken a puffy fluffy chicken a puffy fluffy chicken whose eggs are finger-licking… good grief she says as I butter my toast in preparation for those eggs I love the most and don’t think she doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Fat Farm Cat

cross-eyed feline comes around from time to… time to feed him now all he does is eat but he’s a proven hunter slaying mice and rats and eggs from the frying pan if we’re not fast enough to shoo him … Continue reading

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