And Cleanse Me From My Sins

France has bloody hands

from their colonial days 

and all the blood stays 

with them from Rwanda and 

they are counting blood money 

in real-time as the Saudis 

commit war crimes in Yemen

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God’s House

We feign sadness now

as Notre Dame is engulfed

in flames, “How awful,

God’s house burning, all of that

beauty…” Our mistake was when


we decided to

lock God inside a building

and destroy the real

temple, to desecrate the

sacred. We’ve long been fed


lies and forget that

Jesus dies again each time

we commit war crimes

we crucify Christ without

even thinking twice each time


a bullet flies and

a human being dies, we

cannibalize the

real temple and worship jars

of clay, we pray to the wall


and topple tall, old

growth forests, we build pipelines

to carry oil through

God’s house and they leak into

the water Jesus walked


on, and God is in

the Garden not in a church

God’s in the forest

not in any of the mosques

we’ve bombed and burned to the ground


God is lost and can’t

be found drowning in tears for

a fucking building

built with gold stolen along

with human beings for the


Pope and the queen, no

we won’t see God struggling

to escape this inferno

no, God was never in there


God’s with the people

we don’t care about

and for some reason

we can’t figure out that God’s

house is everywhere, don’t you


dare say that the flames

only started today, we

lit the fire long

ago and add fuel every

tax day, and we add fuel each


time we say that God

has a house with an address

we add fuel each time

we say, “God bless” these people

more than those, we add fuel when


we dip our toes in

the ocean and ignore the

dead , plastic-filled whales

laying on the beach, we add

fuel each time we preach, saying


“God says blah, blah, blah.”

God doesn’t judge, God doesn’t

hate, God is not a

capitalist thinking, “look

at all my stuff, I’m so great”


God’s illiterate

and God doesn’t have a tongue

God’s not in a book

God is the trees, God is our

lungs, we breathe God, we breathe life


we breathe, we breathe, we…

take a deep breath and see God

in the eyes of the

next human being you meet

take a deep breath and see that


God is the water

and God is the trees and God

is the mountains and

the valleys and the desert

and the space between us and


God connects us like

the ocean connects the land

God never lived in

a house, what’s so hard for us

to understand? God is the


mountains we destroy

for coal and the oceans that

we fill with plastic

and oil, God is the garden

and the polluted soil, and


God is the wind and

rain. Man gave us Able and

Cain and shrugs now as

millions are slain but cries ‘Why?’

as a church goes up in flames,


a cathedral built

on the remains of peasants

and the truth isn’t

pleasant but God has never

been inside of a church


and evil has long run

amok, with the Pope in Rome

on his golden perch,


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Death & Taxes

the only thing
that is certain
in this life
is that death
is funded
by your taxes

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Up Front

Life’s not easy for 

anyone but the guns don’t 

point at us and we 

always get to sit up front 

still, regardless of the bus

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We Have No Excuse: An Ode To Dr. King

Years ago, most folks 

didn’t know how terrible

the government was

today, we are well aware

but we keep on funding it

in spite of all the

tapped cellphones and bullets and

bombs and drones and all

our bread turning into dead

human beings. Years ago they

just had radio

but we can see civilians

slaughtered in Iraq

and cops killing black people

on Main Street in HD so

there is no excuse

for us, we just must think it’s

a fair trade for cheap

gas and Big Mac’s, Amazon,

Netflix and the NFL

they keep us fat and

happy, well fed with bread and

the circus takes our

attention away from the

growing mountain of the dead

we clap our hands on

cue, we get outraged when we’re

supposed to, we’ve learned

to focus on me, forget

about you and it’s tax-day

soon, time to go through

the motions, forget notions

of right and wrong, we’ll

join the masses, march along

singing patriotic songs

as schools are closed down

by the dozen and prisons

grow like subsidized

corn, Dr. King warned us but

we ignored him, didn’t we?

He painted the truth

but we didn’t want to see

and we still wonder

why all the refugees flee

and social uplift programs 

never get any money.



(April 4th 1967, exactly one year before he was assassinated, Dr. King delivered a sermon called “Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence” at Riverside Church in NYC, connecting problems in America to wars in places like Vietnam. You can get the full text & audio online. If you admire him, listen to it, if you are against war, listen to it, most importantly, if you support war or are indifferent, LISTEN.)

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It’s been eleven years

years since I was lost and found

and then drowned myself

in the polluted rivers

of Babylon. Still, I swim.

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Good Credit/Bad Credit

if we help clean the beach

we deserve credit

if we help generate trash that winds up in the ocean

we deserve credit


if we drive an electric car

we deserve credit

if our electricity comes from oil or coal

we deserve credit.


if we have a good credit rating

we deserve credit

if our stocks include private prisons and weapons manufacturers

we deserve credit


if we give money to an organization that helps victims of war

we deserve credit

if we give money to a government that creates victims of war

we deserve credit


if we resist paying taxes and instead donate every penny of it to programs of social uplift

we deserve credit

if we have a bad credit rating

we deserve credit

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