The Future Drowns

Please don’t try connecting

any of the dots

just focus on the clown

and drool over Betsy’s yachts

and try your best to swim

as humanity rots

and shots for decades fly

extinguish daughter,

and son

the future drowns in Baghdad’s blood

and still we hold the gun

we run still through black water

and the tears are swallowing

when the band plays at our funeral

only then will freedom ring

and bring the castle down

on the jester and his men

but the world will turn

and we won’t learn

we always vote for war


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How Many Teardrops

How many teardrops does it take

to make your cup of morning coffee?

and how many teardrops does it take

to fill your gas tank

and how many teardrops did it take

to fill your bank account

and can you count all the tanks

that have left track marks

on the sidewalks

and in the city parks

in the places that only Bourdain dared go

and how many teardrops have we watched flow

and they’re streams now

and they’re lakes

and they’re rivers

and the oceans are rising

but we are still prizing brand new i-Phones

and MacBook Pros

and we’re blissfully unaware

of where our quinoa grows

and who stitched our fancy clothes

and who harvested our blow

but the tears, they flow

whether we know it or not

and my cup is empty,

so let’s brew another pot




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Truly Grateful

I am truly grateful for all that I have

so grateful that I was able to remove myself

from the confines of capitalism

a system that has killed countless millions,

billions even, of people far better than I

and I am truly grateful

that I am free from want

and that I’m not afraid to die

and while what I have is next to nothing,


it’s everything cosmically

and I’m living closer and closer every day

to the way our ancestors did


who am I kidding

I will never be truly free

when there is absolute chaos

in the wide world around me

sure, I can steal a moment of peace here and there

when I’m digging a garden

or planting a tree

but it breaks my heart

that my neighbors can’t look overseas

and see

that we’re all connected to everybody

and as long as they suffer

we suffer

and as long as they struggle

we struggle

and as long as they are being killed

it matters not

that it is not our blood

that’s being spilled

we are still slowly dying

more and more each day

but I am truly grateful that I have learned

to do more than just pray

I am truly grateful to be living my life in a way

that is not causing any of our sisters and brothers to suffer

and I would be truly grateful

if you decided to do the same

but I’m not blaming you

or anyone

I just want you to know

that you should start to think about

where your taxes go

and where your food is grown

and where your clothes are sewn

and that it’s not too late to atone

just remember,

you are not alone

and you never have been

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Insanity Is

Insanity is supporting a country

that beheads civilians

for witchcraft and sorcery

a country that treats women like property

a country that openly funds terrorism

a country that birthed 17 of the 19 hijackers

on the 11th of September

seventeen years ago

insanity is selling this country

state-of-the-art weaponry

to slaughter civilians in Yemen

insanity is listening

as Saudi Arabian spokesman Col. Turki al-Malki

says that the attack on a school bus

that killed dozens of innocent children

was in fact, “Legitimate military action,

in accordance with international humanitarian law”

and that it was

in retaliation for a missile strike by rebels

insanity is selling the Saudis planes

and selling them bombs

and then refueling the planes that we sold them

in mid-air

so they can drop more bombs that we sold them

on Yemeni civilians,

like these school children

insanity is believing that

if they weren’t dropping the bombs for us

we wouldn’t be

insanity is having two fully functioning eyes

and still being unable to see

that this is so very wrong

insanity is ignoring all these things

but getting angry when athletes kneel down

during a jingoistic fucking song

insanity is getting teary-eyed

as we sing along

insanity is funding the IDF

instead of education and healthcare

and ignoring the destruction of Gaza

as if we’re unaware

insanity is pretending Wahhabism and Zionism

represent Muslims and Jews

insanity is thinking that,

when tax-day comes,

we don’t get to choose

that we have to send our taxes

to Bibi and Al Saud

insanity is believing

that resistance is not “allowed”

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And Here Is To Hoping…

If humanity survives

another hundred years

here is to hoping

that they look back at us

in complete and utter disgust…

and here is to hoping

that America is not still in Afghanistan

and that Gaza is not still under siege

and here is to hoping

that cops are not still murdering black people with impunity

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

there will be something resembling unity

and here is to hoping

that fossil fuels are forever

left buried in the ground

and that there will be no more war

and no more refugees drowned at sea

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

humanity will be free

from greed,

from hate

and from fear

and here is to hoping

that the truth will have prevailed

and our souls won’t be for sale

and humanity will have evolved

passed using jail as a remedy

for poverty

and here is to hoping

that there will be no more poverty…

that no human being on earth

will be a commodity

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

people won’t have to be coping

sticking needles in their arm

and crying in their beer

there will be no more self harm

and they’ll all be thinking clear

and here is to hoping

that they will see the error of our ways

and realize that only aloha pays

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

they’ve harnessed all of the sun’s rays

and that they look back and say

capitalism was just a phase

and here is to hoping

that they’re looking deep inside

but they also pride themselves

in gazing out at the stars

and here is to hoping

that they’ve evolved past sitting at bars

and they’re dancing around camp fires once again

and here is to hoping

that women are equal to men

in the eyes of the people

and the state

and here is to hoping

that what we see today

is not our fate

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

love has conquered hate

and there are no more gates

and walls

and locks

and here is to hoping

that, in another hundred years

humanity will be able to think

_______________________________ outside the box

and here is to hoping…


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I Hope You’re Crying Too

It’s been raining all day today

and it rained yesterday too

and just when I was feeling blue

about all the grey skies

I realized that today was August 9th

and then I opened up my eyes

and I cried for Nagasaki

and 73 years have passed now

since radioactive tears flowed

from the eyes that remained

but the hatred and fear never slowed down

and we are well trained to be apathetic

we might ring a peace bell for Nagasaki today

we might even bow our heads and pray

but we’ll ignore today’s thunder

and we won’t wonder

how many people we killed today

with more conventional weapons,

or how much blood was spilled

and we never see all the pockets filled

with our treasure

by corrupt, soulless businessmen

and we never measure the cost

in the lives lost

it’s always just jingoism

glossed over by PR men

and when the market needs it,

it will happen again

and if you have a peace bell,

be sure to ring it

about 70,000 times today

and that’s just the encore…

if you didn’t ring it for Hiroshima

on August 6th

then add at least 100,000 more


yeah, it’s been raining hard since yesterday

and I’ve been feeling down, and blue

I cry for Nagasaki now

and I guess God’s crying too…

I cry for Hiroshima now

and I hope you’re crying, too


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One Eyed Dog

A feral dog showed up outside Uncle Bobby’s farm

a few weeks ago

mangy and too thin,

her left eye was a pool of puss and blood

we took her home,

cleaned her up

and got her some food

we brought her in to the humane society the next day

to get her spayed

and they said that her left eye was dead

so they removed it,

and stitched it up

and the stitches come out in a few days

and she’s putting on weight

and her skin is clearing up

and she’s such a sweetheart

and it’s always hard to part ways

with these beautiful animals

but, selfishly, I hope Sammie

(that’s what we named her)

stays for while

a lot of foster dogs and cats come and go

but she has really started to grow on me

and when I look into her eye

I think I can see her soul

and yeah, I know

that Sammie will go to a great home

but if my wife wasn’t here on the farm

to put her foot down

I would adopt every single foster

and I’d be drowning in dog slobber

and cat fur…







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