But…They’re Muslims.

What if the Rohingya were Christians?

What if they were Jews?

What if we didn’t listen to the news

and cared about everybody instead?

What if we viewed their dead

the same as our own?

What if villages burning by the dozen

mattered to you and me?

If we spoke up, the world would see

how hypocritical we are.

Uncle Sam can’t risk

humanizing some Muslims,

because humanity is contagious.

We can’t say these Muslims matter

when we’re slaughtering those.

So it goes…


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Those Eyes

Life on a farm. Sometimes, animals die

and sometimes, you have to kill them.

This morning, our dogs caught a young deer

and critically wounded her. The bloodcurdling cries

woke my wife and I, and as I ran outside screaming

our dogs names, I feared the worst;

the sheep. I thought they got the sheep. The goats

can fend for themselves, but the sheep are very much like deer.

The dogs were just doing their job protecting the farm,

and the fawn was just doing her job eating greens, trying to survive.

Thankfully, I still have my grandfathers old buck-knife

and thankfully she died quickly, but those eyes…

those eyes were staring right at me as I did what had to be done,

so much more personal than with a gun.



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Sometimes late at night

as the wind whispers

and the trees talk,

as the rain sings

in harmony,

if you listen closely

you can hear the universe


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What if

What if this was it,

what if tonight

I cashed in my chips?

What if the sun refused

to rise,

and what if there

isn’t any prize?

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Death and Taxes

Nothing can be said

to be certain

in this life

except death and taxes

and death funded by taxes

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Some Days

Some days we suffocate

faster than others

some days we go slow

because a little more air is let in

but, at the end of the day

it’s the same result


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What would you do?

What would you do

if you saw someone drowning?

What if you saw someone else

kicking the drowning victim back down

as they struggled for air,

struggled to stay above water?

What would you do

if you lived

in Gaza?

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