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Certain Days

On certain days, blind patriotism is quite alright an over-the-top display of nationalism is perfectly fine a couple times a year, hawks can proudly soar above eagles, (no room in the sky for doves) and all jingoists can come out … Continue reading

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November 11th: Armistice Day

According to Merriam-Webster, an armistice is a “temporary stopping of open acts of warfare by agreement between the opponents :truce” ¬† An armistice is an agreement to establish peace. Armistice Day was first celebrated on November 11th 1919, marking the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Veterans Day: Time For Change

It was called Armistice Day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marked the end of WWI, and for a while, people remembered. During that war, the majority of casualties were soldiers, today the … Continue reading

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Armistice Day

I am proud that I volunteered and trained as a warrior, fully willing to give my life for my community and my country. I am sad to say, however, that I was part of yet another generation led astray by … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

daylight fading into evening shade tree branches swaying old record played on repeat no street lights here nothing to fear but aching feet and tired eyes havent cried in too long the records skipping mid-song just as I started singing … Continue reading

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Thank You

thank you for your service now prepare for hero worship and ten precent off at Home Depot and Lowes and a free meal every November 11th at¬†Applebee’s and a long line ending in pills piled high mountains of pills until … Continue reading

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September is Suicide Prevention Month. According to the government, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. It’s probably a lot higher. Twenty-two is just a number, a statistic but there are names and faces devastated families, friends and communities They say … Continue reading

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