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You Hold The Key

Give us your tired your hungry your poor we’ll lock them in cages and go create more we’ll leave all your sages piled dead on the floor while filling blank pages with nothing but war we’ll strip mine the mountains … Continue reading

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Say My Name

Definitely watch the entire thing but minute 13:45 is the start of her song “Say My Name” her tribute to Sandra Bland, killed 4 years ago today by the police.

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You and me just must share some dust from the same star and maybe our star was related to other stars, the ones that we still see reminding us where we’re from and if we’re lucky, of where we’ll return … Continue reading

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The Ignorant American: Professional Courtesy to the GEO Group

(Music by Toby Keith) American girls and American guys will always look the other way when black and brown folks die or when they see a baby crying in the hands of the feds left to sleep on the cold … Continue reading

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Summer House On Cape Cod

Stock holders want  ever better returns  so who cares  if paradise burns  and who cares  that we never learn  anything from these mistakes, from these risks we take  with the lives of the poor we’ve counted up our money  and … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Tonight it’s only  stars in the sky but tomorrow it’s the  Fourth of July  and the sky will fill with violent light leaving refugees quivering  at the sight  and you will cheer  and I will cry we’ll drink our beer  … Continue reading

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Yelling Through Their Hoods

Why does anyone care if a mermaid has red hair? Mermaids aren’t human. Mermaids aren’t even real what is real is Disney  wanting to make  a bunch of money  by entertaining  a bunch of kids because that’s the business they’re … Continue reading

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