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We Would Have

I bet we would have all been Nazis we probably would have hunted down slaves we would have crucified Christ and probably wouldn’t have thought twice about putting Lakotas into mass graves   we would have massacred coal miners in … Continue reading

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September Tears

Forget about Afghanistan just keep¬†your heads in the sand, and pay no mind to Iraq and only care about white, not black   and only care about white, not brown look away as cops shoot ’em all down and as … Continue reading

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Mountains & Oceans

my mind is a mountain my arms the intermittent streams where thoughts occasionally cascade making it to the piedmont that is my wrists and down to my fingertips where they drain into rivers of words that flow into oceans where … Continue reading

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Hospital Hill

In Northampton,¬†there is a hospital on a hill or at least there was. My mother grew up sledding down Hospital Hill in the shadows of the Northampton State Hospital in days when winter provided more snow than it does these … Continue reading

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Year 17

We begin year seventeen with less fanfare than year one and I can’t even remember now what I was doing the moment that it began senior year of high school focused on football, girls, and my truck not realizing I … Continue reading

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58 People

58 people have died today 58 people have gone away 58 people and now you pray for Las Vegas.   58 people have died today in Las Vegas but it’s everyday in Iraq and it’s everyday in Afghanistan don’t you … Continue reading

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Vases full of freshly-cut flowers sit on the sills of windows opened to the world and with all the beauty of the presentation death hides in plain sight. We don’t see that life is gone until all that’s left are … Continue reading

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