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Longing to set sail once


casualties of a war

waged with germs

and guns

and drugs

and spam

and pineapples

and sugarcane

and chemicals

and steel

and my heart is numb

and I cannot feel

your pain

the goddess burns

a fire not quenched

by rain

put on grass skirts

you can entertain

the masses

as they raise glasses

to toast tresspasses of old

all that glitters

was stolen

and sold by bitter men

with bibles and swords

reaping rewards

taken at knifes edge

forsaken, you’re on a ledge

and they push you

and count silver coins

as you fall

out of history books

but they don’t turn back

for one last look

and see you

climbing up the pali.

Imagine the answer

Religion is the answer

if the answer is a cancer

yes, the cancer of an answer

is religion


God can’t write or read

no, God wouldn’t stand for greed

so please let your mind be freed

from religion


God is energy

maybe one day we will see

that we are all energy

just like God


imagine birds and bees

imagine fields of strawberries

imagine people funding peace

instead of war


imagine life and love

and imagine hawk and dove

as they’re flying high above

all this hatred





Chasing Dragons

This is it

this is all we’ve got

yet we spend our lives

chasing dragons

and deities

sipping holy water

while forced down

on our knees

praying for salvation

suffering spiritual starvation

invisible carrots dangle

as preacher men wrangle


and Lincoln’s

for raffle tickets

to an idea.

The sales pitch is easy

when it’s shrouded in fear

but life is your ship

and its you who should steer

By The Riverside

In the dream

I’m drowning

in the Euphrates


can’t swim

see myself hanging

from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside

nowhere to run

cant hide

tried swimming

but stuck just beneath

the surface

and just as I resurface

I’m hanging from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside

watching myself splashing

in the water

want to throw myself

this rope

but its tied too tight

and I can’t breathe

and I’m too tired

to fight

and I wake up

and its just past midnight

and Uncle Sam’s wrong

but I’m not right

and by the rivers of Babylon

I lost sight

of God

and an atheist crawled

out of a foxhole

and I got to go to college

but it cost me my soul

and it cost me my sanity

and it cost me my sleep

and the rivers too wide

and I’m in too deep

and I’m drowning

and I see a lifeless body

hanging from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside.


The wind’s whispers are drown out

by screams and shouts

broken dreams, no doubt seem

the end is near

awash with tears

and years and years will pass you by

what dreams did come abruptly die

and cry and sing farewell to pain

and dance and stumble in acid rain

all that remain now rot and rust

ashes to ashes

and dust to dust

and winds blow truth from dying tongues

but void of proof

with smoke filled lungs

and coffee black

and crack the code

and heart attack and gravel road

we found Tom Joad all out of breath

the preacher man led him to meth

but Jesus freaks don’t speak for him

they leave him hanging from a limb

with nails and pails to catch the wine

heres silver coins, pay Caesar’s fine

we burn the flesh and worship dust

who is this God in whom we trust?

We lust for treasures, fortune, fame

we’ve broken rules of every game

and its a shame we cannot see

that we all hang from the same tree.


Roman legionnaires are we,

shouting ‘freedom isn’t free’.









South of Richmond

Every other billboard

literally every other billboard

along a one mile stretch of I-95

just south of Richmond, Virginia

is for the Army National Guard

The others are for God,


and the Navy Federal Credit Union.

This is God’s country

and if God loves anything

its giving poor kids

a false sense of hope

in a better future

before sending them

to kill other poor kids

who have no hope

of any future.







Road Trip

Billboard after billboard

too many to count

mile after mile

road after road

state after state

buy this car

buy this whiskey

buy this beer

call this lawyer

when you get pulled over

for driving this car

after drinking this whiskey

and this beer.

Drink this soda

eat this pizza

open up a new checking account

at this bank

double your money at this casino

buy tickets to this concert,

call this doctor when you get hurt.

Buy this mattress

for a good nights sleep

rent this storage unit

to keep all of the things you buy

call 1-800-WEED-DOC

when you want to get high

call this locksmith

when you get locked out of your car

call this taxi

when you get too drunk at the bar

think you’re an alcoholic?

get sober at this rehab!

can’t afford college?

let the national guard

pick up the tab

join the army

and see what great adventures

tomorrow brings

join the navy

join the air force

and call this lawyer

when you need a divorce

join the marines

join the coast guard

use this fertilizer

on your front yard.

Buy this burger

buy this hat

get this liposuction

when you get too fat

call this plastic surgeon

to westernize your nose

when you want to paint your house

make sure you call these painting pros

and make sure you come to church

don’t let satan lead you astray

even when you’re driving

there’s always time to pray

and if you get too tired

stop by this coffee shop

it’s just off the next exit

right next to the quick stop

get your coffee

and your gas

and a thousand other things…

you’re still on the east coast

just see what I-80 brings