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Mountains & Oceans

The weight starts adding up

the moment the lights go out

and dreamland arrives,

the weight piles up

minute by minute

hour by hour

pound by pound,

until around the time

the sun rises

until around the time

the roosters start to crow

it feels like a mountain

it feels like an ocean

it feels like the universe

holding you down

crushing your body

crushing your spirit

crushing your will to…

will you just get up already!!!

and its already 7…

and its already 8…

and you’re already late

but can’t lift the weight

wish this mountain would crumble

so at least you could try

to stumble out from the darkness

but there’s no lifeline

you’re all alone in this coal mine

eating dead canaries

trying not to starve

using broken bones to carve

love letters to dead sinners

but the saints will eat

our hearts for dinner

lets load coal in carts

and hope it starts

to burn

Ash Wednesday comes

our stomachs start to churn

start to crave blood-red wine

and midnight walks with Patsy Cline

and a gallon of moonshine

and a fine pine box

now it’s too late for TED Talks

and the doves are dying

to be hawks

and one fish,

two fish,

red, white, and blue fish

and cable or dish

and tossing coins

pollutes the well

I wish I weren’t here

you’ll see me in swells

get swept away

hell or high water

drown any day

will grandma still pray

and will the cows still lay down

when it rains

will the fresh white paint

hide the stains

will the sweet red wine

clog the drains

plant sugarcane

to sweeten the deal

sell liquor and coke

theres mass appeal

all mirrors and smoke

and polished steel

and bullets and pullets

and brooding hens

and methlabs and rehab

and a blurry lens

looking back on history

wash it clean like Listerine

and what’s it mean

red hands seem clean

when oils like water,

how can we ween?

and have you seen the mountains

of bones and dreams denied

and oceans filled

with all the tears

a billion eyes have cried

the universe has endless love

but all they preach is hate

while blind men start to argue

the elephant storms the gate

she ran away from the circus

too many lions and stale bread

the tightrope snapped

the jester clapped

the prophets left for dead

and now red, white, and blue

form puddles on the floor

since mountains grow

and oceans flow,

leave flowers at the door.










Andalucian Red Wine: part I

I took the midday train

to Spain

and found old women


and dancing

in the

middle of the

cobblestone street

tapping their canes

to the beat

while kids splashed in fountains

to spite the heat.

But then the rains came to Spain

and the drains failed to drain

so the rain turned to a flood.

But just as flood waters

began to rise

and we were getting high

one last time

on the finest wine

you can find

this side of the Pyrenees,

flood waters started to part

like the Red Sea

and a flamenco dancer

outstretched her hand to me,

“Put on your dancing shoes


this is just the opening band”

but she said so in Spanish,

so I didn’t really understand.

I took off my shoes,

handed them to her,

and ran.

But my feet began to hurt,

all banged up

from the cobbles

of Triana

and I realized

maybe she was only trying to flirt

or trying to be nice.

Either way,

I stopped at the next cafe I found

and bought the whole place a round

and sat there barefoot,

drinking Andalucian red wine

until around midnight

then left to grab


but walking along the Guadalquiver

I found under the moonlight

well, it was more sound

than sight…

a shiny Spanish guitar

played by an old man

dressed to the nines.

I asked how he was doing

he said,

“Welcome, you’re just in time”

And just then

that flamenco gal reapeared,

handed me a bottle

and gave my back my shoes,

she said, “relax,

what do you have to lose?”

And I sat there awhile,

while that old man

made love to those guitar strings

and the Spanish dancer

made music

with her feet

and hands

and after

a couple more rounds

she grabbed me,

so I stood up to dance

and she had me in a trance.

See, I didn’t know

the first thing about dancing

much less flamenco

but there I was

in another universe,

on some sort of drug…

We danced until the morning sun

and we had breakfast

when we were done.

then with a sigh,

I told her

that now I had to run,

and she cried.

I had another midday train

to catch

back to Madrid

then who knows where next…