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How Do You Remain

how do you remain silent in a world filled with such violence? how do you look the other way and pretend everything’s okay? how do you continue to pay for war that you sheepishly ignore? how do you sleep at … Continue reading

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There Are No Innocent People

“There are no innocent people in the Gaza Strip” Said Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman. So the 30 unarmed Palestinians, including a journalist killed by a sniper while clearly wearing a PRESS vest, those 30 unarmed Palestinians were not innocent. … Continue reading

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Wings On The Vulture

Let us wake now from this sleep before there’s nothing left for the meek to inherit the missionaries stole it and their kids won’t share it as they still fly old glory over stolen land broken with bibles and pineapples, canned and shipped to Rome from … Continue reading

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The People Danced

The bullets stopped flying and the machine guns turned into musical instruments and a symphony of death became a symphony of life as soldier after soldier on both sides of the imaginary divide joined together as one playing the most … Continue reading

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You can never walk a mile in someone else’s shoes unless you shop at a thrift store.

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Let’s Sing A Song

Let’s sing a song for the dead let’s sing a song for the dying I want to hear more than just poor villagers crying let a chorus of cries ring out from sea to sea and we will fill oceans if … Continue reading

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And Still, We Wonder

A lot of people are angry at Trump. I’m not. I honestly have no feelings whatsoever regarding the man.   America is an empire with vicious foreign policy and the Donald is but one of many Caesars to rule. There were … Continue reading

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