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I used to believe in fairy tales and magic, in the underdog winning in the ninth inning but the underdog got swept.    

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It’s terribly insulting to refer to the American people as sheep. We had to catch our sheep today because it was hoof-trimming day and parasiticide day and the sheep knew what was up they always know if we’re trying to … Continue reading

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I’ve lost my soul and I’m out here wandering, dying for water, it’s all contaminated in this vacuous wasteland.   Tanka Tuesday challenge Ghost/Hollow Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 106, “Ghost & Hollow,” #SynonymsOnly  

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Deafening Silence

Is it still considered poetry if you don’t have a degree and you can’t see a reason to edit even if you know it could use a fine-tooth comb and what if I say pace here or paz but know it … Continue reading

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Tired, Hungry, & Poor

We all care way too much about flattering the crown though we’re shattering humanity as we do it holding it down but it’s way more than ‘ah, screw it’ we’re all chiseled slogans now we’ve long been ‘just do it’ … Continue reading

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Reasonable Doubt

Here in the land of the free we incentivize and wonder why so many police officers patrol our streets always ready to meet and greet an enemy, leaving behind Baghdad for Baltimore but they were well trained for ‘war’ and … Continue reading

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We are all staring as the old barn collapses, there will be no rise   it will fade like leaves as they fall down and decay, this is all there is   there is no phoenix only the ashes and … Continue reading

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