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Pockets Full Of Coins

I had a dream last night and in the dream, I woke up   and I didn’t know where I was.   There was nothing leading up to it, I just woke up in a strange place.   Before too … Continue reading

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For Tradition’s Sake

  From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock, the west has rolled from sea to sea, with cultures in our wake yet we take pride in the meals we make   for traditions sake on the fourth Thursday every November. As … Continue reading

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Will You Lay Wreath For Them?

Eighty-three years before 2001 was 1918 seventeen years after 2001 is 2018 and it’s now been 100 years since the armistice 100 years since there was peace between nations 100 years since the war to end all wars ended 100 … Continue reading

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Standing By The Ruins

Let them hold the pen and write their own destiny rewrite all our wrongs write away the suffering write verses about springtime   instead of winter, write verses about laughing instead of crying, dancing instead of dying let them write … Continue reading

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Peace & Love Haiku Challenge October 1st

5 haiku’s about peace & love RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Challenge #221 Peace&Love.   ‘Fields of Strawberries’ We think ‘peace and love’ we see fields of strawberries but bullets still fly.   ‘Yell Peace’ The people yell “Peace” but they still … Continue reading

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Seventeen: An Ode To Afghanistan

Five hundred and thirty six billion, four hundred and fifty seven thousand, six hundred seconds eight million nine hundred and forty thousand, nine hundred and sixty minutes one hundred forty nine thousand and sixteen hours six thousand two hundred and … Continue reading

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It’s Mother’s Day in America

Weep not for the mothers laying dead in bombed out villages or their sisters and brothers shot in the back as they waved their flags of black, red, green & white weep instead for the children they leave behind, far … Continue reading

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