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The Ignorant American: Professional Courtesy to the GEO Group

(Music by Toby Keith) American girls and American guys will always look the other way when black and brown folks die or when they see a baby crying in the hands of the feds left to sleep on the cold … Continue reading

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Dead Doves

It’s March Nineteenth, two- thousand and nineteen, it’s sweet sixteen for one of the wars that we’ve lost count of all that remains are dead doves   and the graves are all overflowing, and we think we’re better off not … Continue reading

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Jump Ship/I Sailed With Columbus

“I Sailed With Columbus”  When I was eight years old, in 1992 I first learned about Christopher Columbus and I sang along with my class “In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and we drew pictures of him … Continue reading

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Elegy for Alaa Mashzoub

Blind assassins can’t erase your words, written in ink, can’t erase your message. Thirteen bullets and they think they have silenced you   but ink outlives blood, and paper weighs more than rock, and scissors, they can cut off your … Continue reading

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The Lone Dove

When the hawk fell dead from the dark grey sky above, the lone dove exhaled.

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A War Criminal Is Dead

One score and eight years after the first bombs dropped Iraq is still breathing and a war criminal is dead. Other’s will die and mothers will cry but there is more space now for doves to fly and they will … Continue reading

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The Poppies Are Everywhere

Marx called religion the opium of the masses but we pray to Gods of war and the poppies are everywhere and we pretend to remember (and care) and we feel so much better now and we won’t dare question the … Continue reading

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