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it happened again last night

in my dreams

I was running through the attic

running through space and time

was running out

of my mind

finding clues under dusty boxes

and in old books

and I look out an open window

and there you are

but as you look up

the floorboards begin to rot

beneath my feet

and I’m falling

through space and time

just as our eyes meet

and I land in a graveyard

on a dead-end street

and I’m trapped

and space is closing in

and time is winding down

and I scream and shout

but no words come out

and I start to choke on doubt

and fear

and I’m all ears

but still can’t hear

the music playing

as the record spins

and the record skips

and the record skips

and the hour glass drips




and the days drag on

and I’m in the basement

and its all gone

but the moldy boxes

filled with hurricane water

and lost memories




written 03 March 2017

Dreams are fading

like the smoke

from this incense

lingering just out of sight

they’re still there

when you turn out the light

but the smell fades

and its hard to remember

like senior year

second week of September

when dreams disappeared

in a cloud of smoke

and fear

and year after year

the gears rust

and there are fewer

and fewer

people you trust

theres no boom

or bust

just cobwebs

and dust

and the smell is gone

and no smoke lingers on

and it dawns on you

why you’re feeling blue

see, fear had a coup

and freedom is through

is there nothing

we can


Falling Dreams

When I was a kid

I used to have dreams

that I was falling.

I never landed,

just kept on falling.

It was the same place,

the same dream.

I was on a farm somewhere

and there was a tractor

and there were animals,

cows and sheep

and there probably would have been goats

but I wasn’t really familiar with goats

when I was a kid

so they would never graze

through my dreams.

I would walk up to this stone wall

and look down

and it looked like the edge

of a flat earth,

it just kept…



down and down

but there was grass growing

and those sheep and cows grazing

and I would lean over the stone wall

and look down

and start to fall

and continue to fall

until I woke up.

I never hit the bottom.

I never saw the bottom.

I’m not entirely sure

that there even was

a bottom

because, somewhere on the way down

after passing the grazing cows, and sheep

I would wake up.


My grandfather

who we called ‘Poppy’

was a roofer

and it was falling

off a roof

at sixty-eight years old

that killed him.

Well, the pneumonia killed him

but the fall a month earlier

landed him in the hospital

in a medical-indused coma,

and then he got pneumonia

and thats what killed him.

I’m sure that he would have preferred 

dying from the fall.


I’m a farmer now

and the farm

is just a short walk away

from the edge of the earth

only, unlike in the dreams of my youth

now I can see the bottom.

A thousand or so feet

down a rocky cliff

is the pacific ocean.

There is no grass growing on the side

no cows or sheep,

but sometimes there are goats.


I have dreams now

where Poppy is falling

and I want to catch him

or at least break his fall

but my arms

and legs

won’t move.

I’m stuck

helplessly watching

him fall.


In the dreams I had as a kid,

the thing that I’m not sure about

is how I started falling in the first place.

I would be standing there at the stone wall

at the edge of the earth

and then,

all of a sudden

I’m passing sheep and cows

on my way down.


I wonder,

Did I


or did I



By The Riverside

In the dream

I’m drowning

in the Euphrates


can’t swim

see myself hanging

from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside

nowhere to run

cant hide

tried swimming

but stuck just beneath

the surface

and just as I resurface

I’m hanging from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside

watching myself splashing

in the water

want to throw myself

this rope

but its tied too tight

and I can’t breathe

and I’m too tired

to fight

and I wake up

and its just past midnight

and Uncle Sam’s wrong

but I’m not right

and by the rivers of Babylon

I lost sight

of God

and an atheist crawled

out of a foxhole

and I got to go to college

but it cost me my soul

and it cost me my sanity

and it cost me my sleep

and the rivers too wide

and I’m in too deep

and I’m drowning

and I see a lifeless body

hanging from a limb

swinging in the wind

by the riverside.

Avert Your Eyes

Be all you can be

in the land of the free

fight for de-moc-racy,

hold your head high


Theres money for school

and the uniforms cool

if you play by the rules

you’ll be just fine


But avert your eyes

as the bombs start to fly

and the caskets roll by

don’t you worry.


It won’t happen to you

if you see this thing through

for the red, white, and blue,

God’s on your side


They’ll throw a parade

and then you’ll have it made,

you’re just bound to get laid,

you’ll be a hero.


Yeah, we’re 16 years in

but I just know we will win’

They will say with a grin

as you’re signing.


And as you raise your hand

you still won’t understand

all the flames we have fanned,

after we lit them.


We pour on gasoline

to countless fires, unseen

feeding this war machine,

welcome to it…


When they cut off your hair

and tell you what clothes to wear

and tell you to grow a pair,

its still not too late


but as the stray bullets fly

and you look to the sky

cursing God for this lie,

then it’s too late.


Tell your mother your fine

as she drinks her box wine

and on veggie omelet you dine,

Happy Birthday.


You avert your eyes

as you see through the lies

and your soul slowly dies,

‘Heres some medals’…














The wind’s whispers are drown out

by screams and shouts

broken dreams, no doubt seem

the end is near

awash with tears

and years and years will pass you by

what dreams did come abruptly die

and cry and sing farewell to pain

and dance and stumble in acid rain

all that remain now rot and rust

ashes to ashes

and dust to dust

and winds blow truth from dying tongues

but void of proof

with smoke filled lungs

and coffee black

and crack the code

and heart attack and gravel road

we found Tom Joad all out of breath

the preacher man led him to meth

but Jesus freaks don’t speak for him

they leave him hanging from a limb

with nails and pails to catch the wine

heres silver coins, pay Caesar’s fine

we burn the flesh and worship dust

who is this God in whom we trust?

We lust for treasures, fortune, fame

we’ve broken rules of every game

and its a shame we cannot see

that we all hang from the same tree.


Roman legionnaires are we,

shouting ‘freedom isn’t free’.









Mountains & Oceans

The weight starts adding up

the moment the lights go out

and dreamland arrives,

the weight piles up

minute by minute

hour by hour

pound by pound,

until around the time

the sun rises

until around the time

the roosters start to crow

it feels like a mountain

it feels like an ocean

it feels like the universe

holding you down

crushing your body

crushing your spirit

crushing your will to…

will you just get up already!!!

and its already 7…

and its already 8…

and you’re already late

but can’t lift the weight

wish this mountain would crumble

so at least you could try

to stumble out from the darkness

but there’s no lifeline

you’re all alone in this coal mine

eating dead canaries

trying not to starve

using broken bones to carve

love letters to dead sinners

but the saints will eat

our hearts for dinner

lets load coal in carts

and hope it starts

to burn

Ash Wednesday comes

our stomachs start to churn

start to crave blood-red wine

and midnight walks with Patsy Cline

and a gallon of moonshine

and a fine pine box

now it’s too late for TED Talks

and the doves are dying

to be hawks

and one fish,

two fish,

red, white, and blue fish

and cable or dish

and tossing coins

pollutes the well

I wish I weren’t here

you’ll see me in swells

get swept away

hell or high water

drown any day

will grandma still pray

and will the cows still lay down

when it rains

will the fresh white paint

hide the stains

will the sweet red wine

clog the drains

plant sugarcane

to sweeten the deal

sell liquor and coke

theres mass appeal

all mirrors and smoke

and polished steel

and bullets and pullets

and brooding hens

and methlabs and rehab

and a blurry lens

looking back on history

wash it clean like Listerine

and what’s it mean

red hands seem clean

when oils like water,

how can we ween?

and have you seen the mountains

of bones and dreams denied

and oceans filled

with all the tears

a billion eyes have cried

the universe has endless love

but all they preach is hate

while blind men start to argue

the elephant storms the gate

she ran away from the circus

too many lions and stale bread

the tightrope snapped

the jester clapped

the prophets left for dead

and now red, white, and blue

form puddles on the floor

since mountains grow

and oceans flow,

leave flowers at the door.