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The harvest rots in fertile fields as famine spreads but speculators have no time to cry mourn dead

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Life, Death, & Food

Anthony Bourdain used food as a way of introducing America to people around the world, their history and culture. He let food speak for itself, and importantly, let people speak for themselves. Bourdain’s Hawaii episode was the first time many … Continue reading

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My Father Is Like America

He tried, is what I tell myself. He was dealt a shitty hand in life, he had a horrible, deadbeat father and a crazy mother and he had the best of intentions, and he wanted to run away from his … Continue reading

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Never Forget (Doctors Without Borders)

I have long been disgusted to be an American but I am now officially disgusted to be a human being, the worst, most destructive, barbaric and cannibalistic species on the planet as I hear the news that yet again YET … Continue reading

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Smoke signals have been rising    Hiroshima for some time now.    Nagasaki We ignore the smoke    Korea but there it is    Guatemala as plain as day    Laos but we relax    Vietnam when we hear    … Continue reading

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Babylon The Great

Written Memorial Day 2012 Wonderland smoke dims suicide fireflies under a Cheshire moon mocking guerrilla teenagers and confused tongues cry over dirty water dialogue as crude hands sift gold from Babel sand cutting orphan blood lines like teenage wrists with … Continue reading

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And Still, We Wonder

A lot of people are angry at Trump. I’m not. I honestly have no feelings whatsoever regarding the man.   America is an empire with vicious foreign policy and the Donald is but one of many Caesars to rule. There were … Continue reading

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