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Let our girls have toy soldiers so they grow up loving war as much as their brothers. Give Barbie a rifle and get her all dolled up in camouflage and combat boots Let Mattel recruit let Barbie shoot targets on … Continue reading

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Same Parade

The best way you can  honor our departed sons, daughters, brothers, and  sisters is to become a  war-tax resister, don’t pay to send any more  of our loved ones off to war don’t buy the bullets, the bombs, and the … Continue reading

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Yelling Fire

We’re yelling fire on this crowded blue-green dot. We hold the lighter and gas and we keep shooting  at all the firefighters.

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Rockets Set

How did we forget  that we are among the stars, Jupiter, the moon,  Mars, Neptune, Saturn, we’re here  ignoring the universe, watching our world burn with matches in our pockets  and red, blue, & white  flags painted on rockets set … Continue reading

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Black Gold

To place a puppet  on a throne, democracy  was overthrown so  stealing their oil would be  easy for BP, easy  as “freedom isn’t free”  so easy like Persian tea,  black gold lining the pockets  of western “democracies”  the answer is … Continue reading

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Lucky We Live Hawaii

We’re lucky we live Hawaii, must be the vog though ’cause we can’t see turtles and monk seals dying and we can’t hear Kanaka crying, and we don’t have a word to say when it’s independence day in this land … Continue reading

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Roll Tide

  Alabama has  never been sweet home and there’s  Ivey poisoning the shreds of humanity  that somehow survive down there  where their version of  Jesus murders prisoners, and condemns women, keeps kids illiterate and  burns crosses when the Tide win … Continue reading

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