March Against The Disease

The President isn’t the disease

he’s only a symptom

and the disease isn’t new,

it’s not worse now

than it was a couple of years ago

or a couple of decades ago

or a couple of centuries ago.

The disease isn’t about hatred and bigotry

or violence and war

it isn’t about immigration or deportation

or healthcare or education

it isn’t about student loan debt and abortion

or women’s rights and human rights

it isn’t about racist drug laws

or cops killing without just cause

it isn’t about police officers and private prisons

or more money used to incarcerate than to educate


It is now, and has only ever been

about fear.

Certainly, it’s also about greed

but where does greed come from

if not from a place of fear?

and not the fear of one man

or the greed of one man

but the fear of a nation

and the greed of a nation.

The President is not the disease.

Bernie or Oprah can win in 2020

and, while things will certainly seem better

and things will certainly look better

and things will certainly feel better

and, of course, things will be better

that’s only because the terrifying symptoms

will have subsided

but just beneath the surface

there the disease will be,

and just out of sight

there the drones will fly

and the bombs will drop

and the civilians will die

just as they do today,

just as they did a couple of years ago

and a couple of decades ago

and a couple of centuries ago

and so it goes…

but it doesn’t have to

me and you have the power

you and me hold the key to Eden

you and me can stop the disease,

we have the cure

and I’m sure

because I’ve seen

with my own two eyes

how fast a fire dies

if you stop adding fuel

I’ve caught a glimpse

of the golden rule

and this I know

symptoms come and go

but the disease will continue to grow

though it may slow from time to time,

marching on Washington

and shouting rhymes

won’t bring rights to women

or stop civilians from dying

in Baghdad or Baltimore

oh, I wish I was lying.

Marching, holding signs

is a cathartic drug

but the disease will always linger

until we pull the plug.


No, the President isn’t the disease

the disease is a nation

conceived in greed

and birthed in slavery and genocide.

We can avert our eyes,

and try to hide from the truth

but the truth will always blink Morse code,

the truth will always let us know

that something isn’t right

we will never find peace,

will will never feel quite right

as long as we buy the bombs

that drop out of sight

wrong is wrong,

and right is right

and civil rights should mean for all

and human rights should mean for all

and women’s rights should mean for all,

but we always fall short, don’t we?

somehow, we just can’t see

that Sandra Bland was a woman

and Tarika Wilson was a woman

and Renee Davis was a woman

and Loreal Tsingine was a woman

and there are countless other women of color

killed by the state

and there are countless sisters, daughters, and mothers

killed by hate

there are countless missing indigenous women

ignored by the state

but somehow, we just can’t see

that America was never great

and somehow, we just can’t see

that there are women in Iraq

and there are women in Afghanistan

and there are women in Palestine

and there are women in Yemen

and there are women in Syria

and there are women

in every single country

that we occupy and bomb

and we’ve killed far more women

than Saddam

and many other awful despots combined

how can we be fine

just speaking out against .77 cents on the dollar

and not about the unending list of women

killed by the taxes on that dollar.

Don’t march against a symptom,


march for the cure…

and please, stop funding the slaughter

of countless women

countless grandmothers,

countless mothers,

and countless daughters.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government and military. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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