Tired, Hungry, & Poor

We all care way too much

about flattering the crown

though we’re shattering humanity

as we do it

holding it down

but it’s way more than ‘ah, screw it’

we’re all chiseled slogans now

we’ve long been ‘just do it’

but we know not what we do

and we think that we ‘think different’

but I’m the same as you

just different shades and hues

and we buy pink

and we buy blue

and if we only knew…

but there’s no time for knowing

there’s too much work to do

what, with this 7-to-5 including the drive

no time to strive for anything more

no time to think about prisons

and addiction and healthcare

and refugees and war

just stuck here,

tired, hungry, & poor

does this really count

as being alive

stuck on auto-pilot

in overdrive

day after day after day after day

as we pray and we pray and we pray and we pray

that things will change

but I think it’s strange

that with billions of prayers

nothing has changed

so either someone’s not listening

or they just don’t care

or maybe they’re just not there

and maybe we’re all just unaware

that we have more power

than we think…

so put down the drink

for a minute

and look up

at the end-zone

there’s time still

to win it

coach or no coach

let’s call an audible,

try a different approach

first we have to broach

the subject

and embrace ways of old

start worshiping water

and forget about gold

let’s get off the assembly line,

break from the mold

and get back to the garden,

fuck what we’re told.


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government and military. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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