Our God

Why do we wonder

how it is things got this bad

when they have long been


from the moment we

transformed ourselves into I

and auctioned off men


and began hoarding

wheat and grain, butter and bread

just stockpiling life


ignoring the dead

and the dying, all the ones

toiling in the fields


and loading the guns

and dying in foreign lands

to meet the demands


of our God, Wall Street

to whom we all learn to pray

and we all must play


by the rules of greed

it’s all about want, not need

the system plants seeds


early on, day one

pink or blue, come on buy one!

to celebrate life


you have to consume

and color within the lines

or there will be fines!


dry your tears and play

though some may say ‘run away’

just where will you go?


just who do you know

that loves you like Uncle Sam?

plus, he’s a lion


why side with the lambs?

this world, it’s kill or be killed

and plus, it’s God’s will!


so swallow the pill

just relax now and sit down

God is on our side


if you don’t think so

just look around, do you think

God supports those guys?


Do you think God cares

when they die? God doesn’t cry

God adjusts his tie,


sits down at his desk

and demands the president

start another war


and build another

prison to deal with the poor

and another war


and another war

and another new prison

and another war


and another war

and there’s money in the ground

old growth trees be damned


and rivers be dammed

though all the fish are dying

there’s no use trying


to prevent progress

you better just dress right, dress

and help us oppress


the lambs we slaughter

enlist your sons and daughters

and help us pay for


yet another war

more tanks and guns and drones and

jets and bombs and death


yet another war

and you’re left with heroin

and meth and football


bread and circuses

after all that we’ve been through

out of mind, and view


we see no evil

and we can’t hear through the fear

and we say we want


a revolution

but we’re stuck in delusion,

here in collusion


whether we know it

or not, we chase the red dot

it’s better than yarn


it’s barn-burning, sing

about the rockets red glare

don’t ignore market-


share, buy Raytheon

buy Boeing, buy BAE

freedom isn’t free


buy another war

buy another prison and

buy another tour


for some poor farm kid

who wants to live like Jesus

did, lay down their life


for their fellow man

but we’ve been killing Jesus

for seventeen years


in Afghanistan

though, in the name of the God

in whom we all trust


stay the course, we must

and protect the bottom line,

and dig another


mine, yes the world’s ours

to milk for all that it’s worth

leave the rest in dearth


ashes to ashes

and of course this is unjust

but we should entrust


ourselves to this God

though it’s all just a facade

and we have long been


sharpening the ax

every year as we pay tax

and all the trees fall


to print more money

and things like this aren’t funny

but you have to laugh


when you buy the jokes

and when you but the bullets

that are killing folks


you just have to laugh

because this is pure madness

we must be insane,


feigning ignorance,

but this isn’t happenstance

this has been well planned


supply demands war,

and the rich demand the poor

exist, but barely


clinging to ‘freedom

isn’t free’, longing to be

on top looking down


we’re trained not to see

all the inequality

we’re trained not to see


people, black and brown

beaten down, and shot and killed

in city and town


it must be God willed

we think, and we drink, and drink

and we pay taxes


and we blink our eyes

and accept the age-old lie

‘it is what it is’

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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