The Day

The day schools begin teaching empathy

humanity will begin to realize our potential.


When compassion is taught alongside math

human beings will stop being counted as numbers.

When kindness is taught alongside science

our best and brightest will work towards

helping mother earth heal

instead of squeezing out every last drop of her blood.

When honesty and morality are taught alongside history and civics

we will begin to learn from our mistakes

and not double down on them each generation.

When love is taught alongside language

we will not use our tongues as psychological weaponry.

When children spend more time outdoors than indoors

and the indoors is no longer built like a prison

they will learn to know and appreciate nature

the way our ancestors did

and they will feel honored and privileged

to gain real knowledge

they will not feel punished

into memorizing things

in which they find little meaning.

When art and music are the foundation

upon which education is built

we will learn to express ourselves

and we will learn to understand ourselves

and each other.

When we realize that the point of education

should be knowledge and experience

in order to become more fully human

not the ability memorize dates and numbers

and that no human being is standard

we will start looking more like human beings again

and less like robotic drones fit for following orders,

never questioning authority

and mindlessly killing our brothers and sisters,

because we are not robots

we are human beings

and though we can be programmed

the way a robot can be programmed

we are not robots

if we were robots

we would not be medicating ourselves to drown out the pain

we would not be killing ourselves to end the suffering

we would not be so goddamn jealous

and insecure

and broken

and since we are not robots

we need to learn empathy

and compassion

and kindness

we need to be given the space

and encouraged

to create art

no matter how ‘terrible’ we think it is,

and we need to be taught not to care

and that it doesn’t matter what the art is

so long as we create

be it pictures

or music

or words

or dance

and we need to learn

that when our neighbor is sick

we are less healthy for it ourselves

and we should bring them soup

and tea

and we should learn that when we spend years

terrorizing a country

we ourselves are terrorized

and has America not been terrorized

for the past 17 years?

Is it healthy to live in constant fear,

always needing an enemy?

Ignoring our many wars

is like ignoring cancerous tumors,

no matter how much we ignore them

they’re still there

and they’re still killing us

and how could we ignore our sick neighbor

or 17 years of bloody war

if we had learned empathy,



and love?

If tomorrow, we began to teach only empathy

and in a generation or two

everyone was illiterate,

in a generation or two

illiteracy would be overpowered

by the fact that we all cared for each other.


What good is science

if most people can’t afford it’s advances?

What good is technology

if it’s only used to build more and more deadly weapons?

What good is engineering

if it’s only used to extract more and more ‘resources’

What good is math

if it’s only used to count profits

and dead bodies?


The day schools begin teaching empathy

humanity will begin to realize our potential

the earth will begin to heal

the people will begin to heal

and every single person on the planet

will have more than enough to sustain themselves

and to live

happily ever after.


No goddesses or gods will save us

no politicians or prophets will save us

it isn’t going to take magic

or benevolent billionaires

all it’s going to take

is teaching empathy

in taxpayer-funded public schools

but, sadly

that isn’t going to happen

when the almighty dollar

is god

and cash is king

and the very foundation

of this nation

was deadly, brutal

exploitative capitalism

so, until the revolution

places empathy

rightfully at the center of education

we need to be empathetic

in spite of everything we were taught

and we need to redirect our taxes

to organizations that represent

the world we want to live in.


Of course math

and science

and engineering

and technology

all of it is important

but look at the world right now

what is more important?

What good is paradise

if we all have to be drugged out of our minds

just to get through the day?

What good is it to live 100 years

if you don’t care at all

about the children being killed

and the environment being destroyed

in your name

and with your money?


The day schools begin teaching empathy

humanity will begin to realize our potential.



To learn more about tax resistance, visit the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee website:

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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