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Reasonable Doubt

Here in the land of the free we incentivize and wonder why so many police officers patrol our streets always ready to meet and greet an enemy, leaving behind Baghdad for Baltimore but they were well trained for ‘war’ and … Continue reading

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We are all staring as the old barn collapses, there will be no rise   it will fade like leaves as they fall down and decay, this is all there is   there is no phoenix only the ashes and … Continue reading

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Our God

Why do we wonder how it is things got this bad when they have long been   from the moment we transformed ourselves into I and auctioned off men   and began hoarding wheat and grain, butter and bread just … Continue reading

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Life & Death: An Ode To Water

  It’s finding a spring just when you’re dying of thirst, hope amidst despair   though it’s a false hope just as you’re quenching your thirst you taste the poison   you lay by the spring hoping for an antidote, … Continue reading

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I Sailed With Columbus

When I was eight years old, in 1992 I first learned about Christopher Columbus and I sang along with my class “In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and we drew pictures of him and we had a … Continue reading

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Human beings evolved to care for one another and for the earth because, from the beginning we needed to in order to survive and right now we need to in order to survive. The day society begins teaching empathy humanity will begin … Continue reading

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What good is science if most people can’t afford it’s advances? What good is technology if it’s only used to build more and more deadly weapons? What good is engineering if it’s only used to extract more and more ‘resources’ … Continue reading

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