We Are Teeth

People are born and people die

and these are just the facts

of nature and life.

Societies are born and societies die

and these are just the facts

of nature and life.

Some people die of old age,

once their bodies have broken down

and finally stopped working

they slowly decompose,

buried in the ground

after the skin is gone

the teeth and the hair

linger for a while.


People also die from disease and accidents

at any age.

People are also killed sometimes

by other people

for personal reasons

out of madness

or out of anger

or out of sadness

or they are killed by the state.

People are killed by chance

and people are killed by hate.


People can die anytime

but when do societies die?

and when societies die,

how long do their people linger?

Are we like teeth

or are we like hair

or are we like skin?

Maybe we’re less like skin

and more like teeth and hair

and maybe our society is already dead

and maybe that’s the reason we don’t care

that we’re creating multiple generations

of thousand yard stares

and mountains of bodies

killed without reservation

and when tax day comes

there is no hesitation

we pay

and we pay

and we pay

and we play by the rules

but our society is dead

and we are just fools

and we are unjust

and we are cruel

yes, we are a society

that has long been dead

and we have long been dead wrong

but we still get teary-eyed

and we still hum along

when the marching band plays

a patriotic song

and we don’t see the hen

as she scratches the dirt

of our unmarked grave

before she goes home

to lay her egg

in her old familiar coop

and the battle hymn

has been on a loop

for a long time

and we’re the ones

paying the band

and we’re the ones

funding war crimes,

it’s our dime

and freedom’s chimes

have been scrapped for metal

to build more tanks and guns

and the rank and file

have come undone

they just sit and smile

with their jackets, straight

and they’re in denial

as they’re spoon-fed hate

and genocide and slavery were never great

and klansmen and their deputies were never great

and coups and occupations were never great

and the funeral is over now

so we can’t be late

and the skin is all gone

but we are not skin

we are teeth

and we are hair

and we are still here

and we are the cause

of the thousand year stare

and the body is dead

and the soul is gone

there is no more dusk

there is no more dawn

there are no more eyes

there are no more ears

there is no more mouth

there is no more nose

there are no more fingers

and there are no more toes

but we are none of those things

we are teeth

and we are hair

and we don’t care

what tomorrow brings

we don’t care

about all the death we’re causing

over there

because we are teeth

and we are hair

there is no body

we’re attached to bone

we have no senses

and we have no soul

all we can do

is keep throwing stones

and keep sedated with these cellphones

and these other gadgets

and everything that they do

and by the time the war is over

even the teeth

and even the hair

will be gone too

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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