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Bread And Circuses For The People

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened something awful like this but video games plus guns plus psychotropic drugs plus violence equals America and this is American just like apple pie and this is American … Continue reading

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Chiseled In Stone

History’s rhymes might seem coincidental but they’re chiseled in stone they are fundamental   war feeds the market and keeps it alive war is the reason this system survives   they’re still taking our bread to build death machines and … Continue reading

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Leaves In Compost

We’re leaves in compost changing, decaying, dying, reincarnated.

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A New Consumer!

It begins at birth buy blue, buy pink, they all toast a new consumer!  

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A Decent Family Man And Citizen: A Requiem For Vietnamese Peasants

There are certain things that can’t be taken away from the late John McCain: He was a Navy pilot he was shot down over Vietnam and captured he was held as a prisoner of war for five and a half … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Hurricane Haiku: Tropical Storm Postscript

1.) And then came the rain following the hurricane Tropical Storm Lane   2.) Everything is wet and the rain is still falling. Gardens are grateful.   3.) We’re all still alive us and all the animals horse and ducks … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Hurricane Haiku

1.) Hurricane, they say be safe, get to higher ground this must be the calm   2.) Winds are picking up the palm trees are swaying now still only sprinkles   3.) Hurricane winds blow a lost pigeon finds the … Continue reading

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