Bread And Circuses For The People

It was only a matter of time

before something like this happened

something awful like this

but video games

plus guns

plus psychotropic drugs

plus violence

equals America

and this is American

just like apple pie

and this is American

just like men aren’t supposed to cry

and this is American

and it’s only a matter of time

until the next guy

loses control

and throws down

his video game controller

and takes out all that aggression,

and all that rage

and it’s terrorism on a national stage

but they’ll call it by another name

when it’s on the front page

but the answer isn’t to lock

people like this in a cage

and it shouldn’t take a wise, old sage

to tell you that more armed guards

can’t stop this

and more guns

can’t stop this

and more militarized police

can’t stop this

and more meds

can’t stop this

and this is the Sunshine State

and this is a Judas kiss

we are betraying our youth

we are betraying humanity

and this is insanity

and video game players

can make a living

playing a barbaric sport

on a screen

but Kaepernick still

can’t find a team

and this is the American dream

and we’re dreaming now

and you can’t make this shit up

and of course it’s Florida

and of course it’s guns

and of course it’s video games

and of course

it’s psychotropic drugs

and of course

it’s the same story

and of course this shooter

looks just like the last shooter

and the next shooter

and the one after that

and of course

he’ll never be labeled a terrorist

but who has terrorized America more

in the past twenty years,

who has filled America more

with actual fear,

radical Muslims

or young white guys

with that soulless,

drugged out look in their eyes

hiding behind walls

in their gated communities

stockpiling guns and ammo

crying out, through those lost eyes

‘help me please’

and I sure as hell

wouldn’t want to go to Disney World

and anywhere near Florida

or anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon

or anywhere in America

because no amount of cops

or security guards

or cameras

or MRAPs

or tanks

or drones

or tapped cellphones

or metal detectors

no amount of walls

or gates

can help us

outrun this fate

that we’ve been scripting

and doesn’t it seem scripted?

because even Hollywood

couldn’t make this shit up,

and the Gods are mocking us now

as they fill their cups with our blood

and wish it into cheap wine

so let’s keep praying,

everything’s sure to be just fine

and let’s keep playing…

no, it wasn’t Call of Duty

but football is still extremely violent

and I’m sure Roger Goodell

will still remain silent

as he blackballs athletes

for wanting to stay alive

and NFL propagandists

are working now on overdrive

selling nationalism,

selling racism,

selling TBI

and what will it take

for Uncle Sam to actually cry

and how are you enjoying

that slice of apple pie?

and violence begets violence

and hallelujah, bye and bye

and violence begets violence

and hallelujah, bye and bye

and violence begets violence

and hallelujah, bye and bye


and two young men were just murdered

by another young man

who had just lost a video game

because Americans refuse to lose

and Americans don’t know how to lose

and Americans are no good at losing

and all of these young men

were children in 1999,

during the time

of the massacre at Columbine

all of these young men

were raised online

in a generation of war after war after war after war after war

in a generation of violent video games

in a generation of easy access to guns

in a generation of psychotropic drugs by the fistful

and war seems so normal now

and violence seems so normal now

and guns seem so normal now

and psychotropic drugs seem so normal now

and mass shootings seem so normal now

and there will be another mass shooting

and there will be another

and there will be another

and there will be another

and there will be another

and with crocodile tears,

crooked, soulless politicians

will console fathers

and mothers

and before their fake tears dry

they will try to explain themselves

to the NRA

and they’ll say,

‘sorry, that was just part of my job today

but you know where my allegiance lays’

and Jane and John Q. Public

will bow their heads

and pray

and they will cry real tears

and will get anxiety from real fears

and they will ask,

‘where can the children play,

and where is it safe anymore?’

and they will cry for themselves

and for their own children

and for their grandchildren

and they won’t even realize

that they’re forgetting

countless millions

in countless countries

who, because of us

and our friends

live with endless war,

countless millions

who, because of us

live through this violence

each and every day

and not knowing what else to do,

John and Jane Q. Public

will bow their heads again

and pray…

and they will buy their children

more violent video games to play

and they will still support the NRA

and they will still over-medicate their children

because parenting is easier that way

and they will anxiously wait all week

until Sunday

so they can watch the big game

and they’ll blame people

like Colin Kaepernick

for the worlds problems

as they teach their children

to pledge their allegiance

to Caesar

and to idolize gladiators

yes, we teach our children

to bow before Caesar

and that they too can be gladiators

and that they too can fight to the death

and that they too

can help provide

bread and circuses

for the people.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government and military. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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