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As American As Apple Pie

It’s awful, it really is beyond words how America separates children from their parents how Uncle Sam herds them like animals and throws them in cages… But I’ll let you in on a little secret… this shit is as American … Continue reading

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there’s something about cats how they look at you and how they don’t

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We Are Like Chickens

As the chickens feast they cry not for those they consume

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My Father Is Like America

He tried, is what I tell myself. He was dealt a shitty hand in life, he had a horrible, deadbeat father and a crazy mother and he had the best of intentions, and he wanted to run away from his … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Doctor

Don’t be a doctor, or a medic. That’s the message we are hearing loud and clear. Well, at least don’t be a doctor for the oppressed, don’t be a medic while living under occupation, kid, choose another profession don’t be … Continue reading

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Never Forget (Doctors Without Borders)

I have long been disgusted to be an American but I am now officially disgusted to be a human being, the worst, most destructive, barbaric and cannibalistic species on the planet as I hear the news that yet again YET … Continue reading

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Reality In A Dream

in my dream last night I jumped and started to kick my legs like I was swimming and the next thing I knew, I was high above the tree tops and then I thought about it and remembered that people … Continue reading

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