There are rumors of peace

We get optimistic

when we look to the sky

but the stars shine the brightest

long after they die


this planet is polluted

our sun is burning hot

turning blind eyes we ruin

our little blue dot


where both ice, snow, and plastic

melt into the sea

come heathens and preachers

won’t you sing along with me


as the drums that we circle

and the fires we light

keep our minds far away

from the wars that we fight


we buy rumors of peace

sold by pigs who can’t fly

while they steal our last dollars

sending children to die


and we lie to each other

saying things aren’t so bad

numb our pain with illusions

kill to follow the fad


and so stocks can rise higher

still more bombs have to fall

we don’t care who they fall on

while we’re in mental thrall


wave our flags along Main Street

while we cheer the parade

all these wars blend together

as our memories fade


there are rumors of peace

spreading now and again

shocked to keep finding eggs

but we’re feeding the hen


and she’s roosting at home now

because we built her a coup

we sit plucking her feathers

from safe on our stoop


and the sand storms are blowing

the straw house has collapsed

we’re addicted to fossils

everyday we relapse


falling drunk off the wagon

the red horse has run wild

calling demons and angels

from broken phones never dialed


and a while and a smile

and a pile of pills

and a soldier and sailor

sit writing their wills


and the bills pile up

and the cup has run dry

but the drone sends a teardrop

from way up in the sky


and I’ll die in a moment

please don’t cry at my grave

when the cops pull the trigger

it’s too late now to save


lost souls saving coupons

to buy milk that’s expired

they’ll kill you for ratings

before you retire


and a choir of angels

singing lies out of tune

the knife stabbed the fork

and the cow licked the spoon


the moon plays second fiddle

the sun is riddled with spots

the foundation starts to crumble

as the empire rots


and the dots are connected

start to figure things out

it’s all magic and morphine

never have any doubt


scream and shout at the lions

as they chew on the lambs

we catch rats with the piper

as the emperor shams


and the dams are collapsing

and the levees have broke

and there’s plenty of blood now

no matter the coke


and with bottles and mirrors

they will cut off your tongues

while you’re holding your breath

they will rip out your lungs


they will leave you uncertain

fearing all that you see

afraid of boogeymen and scarecrows

while they’re taxing your tea


and taking bread from your ovens

and crops from your land

they’ll tell you to sit

then they’ll tell you to stand


then they’ll hand you a bottle

and you’ll drink till your dry

you keep baking them bread

so more mothers can cry


as the bombs that you pay for

turn children to dust

there’s more rumors of peace

told from cities of rust


and we’re lusting for heaven

but we keep funding hell

we keep chasing the dragon

tossing coins in the well


show and tell me you love me

tell me things are ok

tell me God is on my side

at the end of the day


tell me lies, make me happy

make me want to believe

in the pie in the sky,

do you think I’m naive?


I will grieve for our family

dying near and afar

while you drink your next beer

getting high at the bar


and our cars keep us shackled

with a needle and a vein

we can never be free

as long as we have this chain


blood and oil stain our conscience

acid rain stains the land

when they tell you to sit

is probably when you should stand

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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