Sea to shining see

Crocodile tears

for those you hate

its three cheers

for progress

but more locks

on more gates

the hour is late

too tired

from running


and around

and around

lost the race

we’re drowning

in those tears

it was you

instilling fear

through the years

today you wave

a rainbow flag

but again


you’ll be yelling


after using tragedy

to kill more


we can see

through your lies

we can see

through your hate

yes, the hour

is late

but we won’t

give up

remember the date

and smash

the cup

theres no need

for a chalice

tear down

the gate

and burn down

the palace

then we’ll all

chace rabbits

and hangout

with Alice

and through

our cheshire grin

you will know

that loves not a sin

and sin is man made

and used to control

heaven on earth

should be

the only goal

and I’m not talking

streets that are

paved with gold

I’m talking

about peace

for the young

and the old

and peace

of mind

and pleanty

of bread

and no profits

leading to

collateral dead

no guns

no bombs

no tanks

and no drones

and no children

in sweatshops

making cell phones

no politicians paid

to legislate hate

no, this does not

have to be

our fate


begets hate

but love

begets love

lets start

the next chapter

let’s all rise above










About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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