The ‘war on terror’ gets new life for its 13th birthday…

The “War on Terror” turns 13 years old today!!! There are American kids in Afghanistan right now who were just entering kindergarten when it all started. Now we’re ‘starting’ up the Iraq war again. Not that it ever stopped. I got to Iraq when the war on terror was a small child. Now it’s a teenager. So it goes…

Here we are, some little podunk, backwater planet in a tiny, insignificant solar system (one of many) in a relatively small and infantile galaxy… when there are literally BILLIONS of other galaxies in the universe (that we are aware of)…and WE THINK THAT AMERICA IS THE CENTER OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE??? I hope that karma is easy on anyone who has ever yielded any power over anyone else and used that power to oppress them. It’s like Jesus allegedly said, “Forgive them father, they know not what they do”.

Might does not make right, and just because you are told something by important looking people holding important sounding positions, does not make it even remotely true. Trillions of dollars have been made off of war in just the past 13 years…some people make A LOT of money off the pain and misery and suffering and death of others. Do you honestly think that the CEO’s of multi-billion dollar war corporations want war to end? No. Just like the CEO’s of PRIVATE prison corporations don’t want drugs to be decriminalized, and don’t want “crime” to end. Just like the CEO’s of giant pharmaceutical corporations don’t want a cure for any disease. How is THAT in their be$t interest? THINK.

Turn off the news and READ. You all pay taxes, which is money taken away from you for ‘the greater good’ of society. That ‘money’…is just a token representing HOURS OF YOUR LIFE that you were WORKING and not doing something else that you actually enjoy doing. So, if it’s hard for you to wrap your head around how exactly bombing the fuck out of Iraq again, and Syria, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Yemen, and Somalia, and Uganda, and…um… where was I… yeah, how bombing the world has anything to do with you, don’t look at it as “Bombs” dropping on “Iraq”…look at it as HOURS OF YOUR LIFE being used to KILL someone’s MOTHER, FATHER, SON, DAUGHTER, GRANDMOTHER, GRANDFATHER, etc. I don’t think it’s ok for anyone to kill, much less behead anyone else…but lets not pretend to give a fuck about 2 americans who had their heads cut off, when we don’t care about all the americans who have been killed in the last 13 years fighting a ‘war’ on a fucking adjective. So long as we believe in boogey men, they will always exist.

Doesn’t matter what we call them, where they are from, what god they pray to, when we give in to fear, when we let the government and its propagandists manipulate and control the collective consciousness, when we have the memory of a fucking goldfish, when we allow the media and government to tell us which lives have value and which ones don’t, when we criminalize a black teenager after he is killed by a cop and make all the excuses in the world for how it could have happened, when we continuously blame the victim and cheer on the victimizer, when we love the oppressor and scorn the oppressed, when we live as a nation with a collective Stockholm Syndrome, so long as we refuse to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, there will always be boogey men, and our only savior from these boogey men will always be the not-so-great Oz, a pitiful, weak, heartless man hiding behind the curtain with scissors and tape (that we paid for!), creating more and more boogey men for us to fear, more and more reasons for us not to question his methods in dealing with the evil boogey men, more and more reasons for us to love and pledge our unending allegiance to him, and continue to hand over HOURS OF OUR LIVES in taxes, continue to watch our sons and daughters get slaughtered as they continue to slaughter the sons and daughters of others in an unending search for, and fight against… the creation of someone else’s wicked imagination, the boogey man.

Who do you think is the biggest, and realest BOOGEY MAN of them all, for perhaps BILLIONS of people in the world? It’s not some desperate, fucked up, broken kid willing to kill himself in the hopes that he can take a few others out in the process. It’s the “great and powerful Oz”. It’s that mortal man behind the curtain parading as a giant, god-like being, telling us who to hate, who to kill, what to eat, what to drink, who to vote for, what games to watch on TV, which celebrities to care about, and telling us how many HOURS OF OUR LIVES he is going to need this year-not to feed and clothe the poor among us, the sick, the elderly, and educate the children, because they get pennies on the dollar at best from a system that created the structure that thrives off of their poverty- but to maim, torture and kill countless thousands, and destroy entire communities, societies, and cultures. For most of the rest of the world, WE are the boogey man. WE are the reason millions can’t sleep at night, and billions who do sleep, do so on an empty stomach in bombed out houses next to the bodies of dead relatives. The enemy isn’t OUT THERE. The enemy is FEAR. Always has been. We instill that fear in others around the world with our weapons and military ‘might’, and in Americans with the greatest weapon of all: The media. Propaganda. Socialization.

FEAR. It’s used to control us all, and sadly it is working better today than ever before. We are all taught to fear and to hate, not just people in other countries, but people in our own communities. Do you think that would be the case if there wasn’t A LOT of PROFIT to be made from it? If there was profit in peace and justice and equality, you can bet your asses that within 6 months, maybe a year the majority of even the most hardened bigots and racists and jingoists would be singing campfire songs holding hands with the people they were taught their whole lives to hate. If the government wanted to end racism, sexism, homophobia,…hatred of every sort… IT WOULD HAPPEN. But there is a lot of money to be made. (similarly, do you really think we still NEED oil for energy?

Let’s stop buying into all the fear and hate and propaganda. Let’s quit feeding the “Boogey Man”, lets stop propping up Oz and letting him hide behind that big governmental curtain. Fear is used to control us, let’s take the power back, let’s control ourselves and our lives and love one another… and even love the ‘oppressor’, and even the ‘terrorists’. Bush, Obama, al Qaeda, ‘ISIS’…they (as far as I know) are all human, and as such they wake up and eat breakfast and take a shit and wipe their asses just like the rest of us. They laugh and cry, they fart,…they are HUMAN. Lets stop making them all into more than they are. Let’s stop letting them control our minds. Let’s stop allowing HOURS OF OUR LIVES to be used to KILL a whole bunch of people we don’t know, and have never done anything to hurt us, and just want to continue living their lives, the same way that we want to continue living ours. Just think, if we hadn’t been spending trillions of tax dollars at war for the past 13 years, maybe you would only have to work a 7 hour day? We give hours of our lives to blow up countries, and hours of our lives to rebuild countries… someone’s making a killing off of all this. Literally. Oh, and we are giving hours of our lives so that civilian police departments can be properly equip…to invade and occupy another country. That’s what money is…HOURS of your life. Think about it.

Take back your mind.

“It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.” -Sally Kempton

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I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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