John Steinbeck Was On To Something…

I am the flower of life

I am the entire universe

one grain of sand

and every star in the sky.

a single cell

and the sixty fourth tetrahedron

There’s infinity outside of me


infinity within

and it’s a sin

that we don’t see

that I am you

and you are me

he is her

and she is we


John Lennon was right


look into the light

I am the egg man

I am the egg man

I am the preacher man

but I am the wallflower

I am the chicken

and I am the egg

I am today


and yesterday

I am straight

and I am gay

I am hate

and I am love

I am Gandhi…,

but I am Hitler

the Arawak

and Columbus

I am bin Laden

and George Bush

the soldier

the suicide bomber

and the innocent villager

I am the Warsaw Ghetto

and I am Gaza

I am the prisoner

and I am the guard

the hangman

and the hanged man…

I am stardust

We are stardust

We are stars

We are…

All that is


And will be

We are God

And God is we

We are enslaved

But we are free

We are…

Sea to shining sea

And galaxy to galaxy

The Mayans



And Chinese

We are the yin and yang

And the birds

and the bees

And the trees

And the trees…

We must speak for the trees

“we’re destroying ourselves”

Isn’t a figure of speech

Now an eye for an eye

Makes a little more sense

Are you with me?

Or are you still on the fence?

When we hurt one another

We’re hurting ourselves

Look up at the stars

And see inside yourself

Far out?

Check it…

Time is an illusion


and we’re just the universe

expressing itself

through itself

through ourself

blood and guts

made out of stardust

spiritual beings

spiritually being time

and space

and the human race

running circles around

the universal reality

that I am God

that you are God

that we’re not godless heathens

and it’s treason

to believe their reasons

that we are not ONE

when we are

with the earth


and stars

and galaxies

and red blood cells

the black whole

connect the dots

emancipate yourselves

from mental slavery

rewind to a time

when our mind was free to see

that WE hold the power

that WE’RE in control

and our goal?







ONE Universal reality

that this is paradise

and we are ONE

so let’s stop killing ourselves

and all the universe




sing a verse

it’s a spiritual tune

that I can’t carry

in a bucket


fuck it

the point is that

I love you

because I love me

because I love the universe

can’t you see?

look into my eyes

and you’ll find


and nothing

and something

all at the same time



and Orion…

belt out a tune with me



sing out this tune with me

fly to the Sun

and the Moon with me

and then back to the earth

the earth…

the earth is our mother

we must take care of her…

and we are the earth

we are the world

and the whole universe…

I am

and you are

and we are…


and nothing…

and something

I won’t pray for you

I’ll pray to you

and me

and us

and I trust…

that preacher Casey was right…

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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