and we made love as the palaces burned…

May 2013

I love you

you know that


at first it was a

“christ, this chick is beautiful

and she gets it

and lives outside the box

where i am”

kind of crush, kind of love

not a ‘goddamn, i can’t wait to fuck her’

kind of lust,

kind of love,

but an ‘I can’t help

but smile when i see her

I want to hold her hand,

she warms my heart

and heals my soul

i want to pull her in

close to me

and squeeze her

in a great big bear hug”

kind of crush, kind of love

the kind

that reminds you

that we’re all one

the kind that

causes us both to cry

tears of ‘yes, finally!’

not the kind of love

where a sketchy attempt is made

to steal a kiss and grab an ass cheek

but to steal your heart

and grab your soul


because you stole mine,


one? two? three lifetimes ago…?

longer maybe.

cavemen get all the credit, but you created fire

rubbing our souls together

and there we were,

ten thousand years

and an ocean of tears later…

At first it was an

“I recognize her,

I’m so blessed

to have found her again”

kind of crush,

kind of love

it was an old soul

paint you a picture

and sing you a song if I could

kind of crush,

kind of love

but you have to go your way

and I, mine

when you’re ready

let’s heal the world

let’s help save this fucked up world

let’s crack the hourglass

and make the time

to stop and smell

the Rose Kennedy Greenway

just an hour if you’d like

then drink wine

by the fire

and take a Turkish bath

to cleanse us of our sins

we’ll talk revolution,

and mean it

because you and I both know that

even Rome fell,

we were both there

making love as the palaces burned,

making love

and laughing

I’ll burn sage

and we’ll pray

to the trees and the bees and the seven seas,

you and me

they’ll call us crazy

and we’ll laugh,

because we are.

Crazy mad in love

with humanity

and sanity

but lets not take the pills they push

fuck Barrack Obama and George Bush

I vote we both go

home sweet home

is where the heart is

and as I lay me down to sleep

I’ll drape a burning flag

over my cold soul,

you can keep the change

I’ve got a new goal

to genetically modify kindness

make it roundup ready




fire on the mountains

run away with me, please?

to where we can watch the Lorax cry

down on both his knees

he got shot in the back of the head

who’ll speak for the trees?

and the birds, and the bees

and Poseidon’s seas

1, 2, 3…1, 2, 3…


It’s clear

that the match has been lit

the fire we started eons ago

we’ll watch it grow

watch it spread

watch its power and beauty

swallow the capital dome

and everything inside  the beltway

Rome is burning

London Bridge is falling

I keep calling out to you

“I love you”

I’ll hug you

when this fucked up world gets you down

don’t frown

don’t be blue

baby blue

1, 2…1, 2…

fly away with me

in my heart and my dreams

dream girl,

no, you’re a woman now

beautiful lady

born in the 80’s

like me

fuck Reagan,

let’s be free

let’s live free

or die

let’s cry now

for our fellow man

Afghanistan, Pakistan


brainwashing kids again

is the ballgame on?

fuck these Mexicans

they took our jobs!!!

(we took their land)

Kardashian, Kardashian

let’s have another beer

“I don’t like politics,

it bothers me”

from sea to shining sea

people think this way,

they care more if you’re gay

than if our

Nobel Peace prize president

drone bombs entire villages, again.


“but they’re all militants, right?

and none of them are white,

so it’s not the same…”

get a case of beer and an xbox

because war is just a game,


Sail away with me,

sail away with me

six degrees of seperation



I am your father

These brown kids we kill have families,


blood and guts,

every last one



Johnny got his gun

then he blew his brains out

twenty-two a day…

I wish it were McCain

will you be my Lois Lane?

No, you’re wonder woman…

it’s a wonder

when the thunder rolls


you are not alone

I’m with you

in this fight

to make things right

to spread the light


for christ’s sake,

to hold you late at night

when nothing else

can calm the storm outside…


About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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