Operation American Freedom

Written April 2013
Day three of the occupation. I can’t believe it’s finally gotten to this point, where I’m again sleeping on a cot in an army tent, but here I am. Here we are. The mainland has been under martial law for the past month, and the 25th infantry finally made its way from Oahu to Molokai, to round up all the trouble makers, to round up all the veterans, all the gun owners, all the hunters, to try to put an end to any threat of rebellion. We’ve been forced to live off the grid since December when the stock market finally crashed once and for all, since the economy finally collapsed and since the illusion of democracy was finally destroyed. After the presidents speech to the American people about the powers that have been forcing his hand in foreign and domestic policy, after his apology for the role he has played as a man possessed, a puppet doing the bidding of a handful of corporations, he warned us that this is the end of America as we have come to know it in our public schools, in front of our televisions, as we have been brainwashed in to believing. He warned us that it might well be too late, that it might well have been too late even in the days of President Washington. He apologized, then on camera he was tied up and forced to witness the execution of his wife and children by men in black suits, and on national television in front of a hundred million americans, the last president of the united states was shot in the back of the head. It had been difficult for him, he told us, to watch as the country he was supposedly in charge of was killing millions of innocent men, women and children around the world. He apologized for placing the safety of his children before the lives of millions the world over, forgive him, he said. The final straw had been, apparently, when the drones began blowing up villages in his father’s homeland. When his ancestral village in Kenya was leveled, he knew that he could no longer be the poster boy for the American empire, he could no longer sit idly by as his handlers destroyed the world. He had a glimmer of hope during the fall of 2011 as tens of thousands took to the streets in protest, as tens of thousands helped lift the veil for millions more. He hoped, he said, that it would ignite a non-violent revolution, but he knew that, so long as there still appeared to be some semblance of democracy, that the majority of americans would still believe in the existing paradigm, continue to vote for republicans and democrats, and continue to cheer as drones leveled villages of brown people in the middle east, south east asia, and in Africa. He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to bring about change, nor was he lying when he said that it would have to come from the people. He knew that as soon as he overstepped his leash, it would cost him his life and the lives of his family, but he said that the time was now. Things would be pretty fucking bad for a while, possibly even a few years, he said, but in the ashes of the American empire, in the ruins of the America that we all grew up believing in, a better nation could grow, a better world could grow. Many americans knew that the president’s days were numbered when he refused to bomb north korea, and even more so, when he refused to join with Israel is leveling Tehran. After the last president of the United States of America gave his farewell address and was executed, a man in a suit with a lapel pin sat in the blood soaked chair in the oval office, and gave his first address as the new dictator of America. Woodrow DuPont-Morgan, heir to both the DuPont chemical, and the Morgan banking dynasties, adjusted his tie, and adjusted his masonic lapel pin, then began his ‘inaugural’ address. “since you couldn’t leave well enough alone, here we are.  As commander of the armed forces, the most powerful military on the planet, I warn you to follow the orders that they give to you, to obey the new rules that they have sworn to enforce. The Department of Homeland Security will do everything in its power to lessen the burden on our nation’s military, the majority of which will deploy to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Sudan, and Canada. In the weeks and months to follow, we will offer mandatory re-education training for all of you who are deemed to be threats to the security of this great nation. Camps have already been erected in recent years across the entirety of the mainland United States, Hawaii and Alaska, and in all of the territories of this great nation. As citizens, you will be relocated to these camps, for your own good. Plans are in place to begin distributing food and water rations, and you will be separated by dates of birth, into regional labor groups. The majority of you will be laborers on our farms, growing genetically modified crops for the distribution centers, with a good deal of the rest of you working on assembly lines in the mass production of the latest military technology, needed to ensure your safety in defensive wars around the globe. Every man and woman between the ages 18 and 35 are hereby conscripted into the armed forces of this great nation, and after rigorous testing, those that are the most physically fit, with the highest IQ’s, will begin mandatory breeding, the rest being sterilized. Citizens with physical and mental deficiencies will be gathered at once and shipped by train to our camps for the retarded and crippled at White Sands Missile Range in the New Mexican desert. We have no further information for you regarding this at the current time, other than the fact that those traveling to WSMR are instructed to pack nothing, as their stay in New Mexico will be brief. Americans above the age of sixty-five, without post-graduate degrees in medicine will be transported to WSMR as well, and as the previous group mentioned, they are instructed to pack nothing, as their stay will be brief. All veterans of the armed forces under the age of forty without physical or mental deficiencies will be shipped to regional training facilities for their re-entry into the armed forces. Rigorous testing will take place, with intensive back ground searches screening for dissidents and potential anti-government terrorists. Those who are not deemed fit for re-entry into the armed forces of this great nation, will be sent to the facility for the elderly and those with deficiencies at WSMR, and like the other groups, those military veterans deemed unfit for re-entry into the armed forces of this great nation will be instructed to pack nothing, as their stay at WSMR will be brief. From this day forward, the republican and democratic parties of America are hereby dissolved, and the patriot party will begin taking over training our youth at all primary and secondary schools. Colleges will from this day forward be used only to train americans in the fields of medicine and engineering. A regimen of medications will be distributed for ingestion to all americans, depending on their levels of aggressiveness. We will unveil the new flag of this great nation, along with our new national anthem, one month from today at which time I will bless you with my next national address from this office. Work parties will begin the process of removing former national monuments and war memorials. All religions, including but not limited to Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are hereby banned, with the holy texts for our new, national religion being transcribed as we speak. New history text books are being printed as we speak, and will be distributed to primary and secondary schools, as well as re-education centers. From this day forward, we it will be illegal to speak of or acknowledge any of America’s wars, of the holocaust, of the indigenous genocide, of slavery, and of September 11th 2001. September will now have one less day, with the 11th day of the month hereby removed. It is from this day forward illegal to speak of or acknowledge Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus H. Christ, or Brigadier General Smedley Butler. This list of names will increase.  We hereby dissolve our nations debts to foreign nations, and our new and only allies will be the Chinese and the Russians, with the Chinese providing troops to provide security on our great nations streets, and for this we are quite thankful. Now, please don’t be alarmed, we are making all of these changes for your own good, for the safety and security of this great nation. The former leader of this great nation proved to be a traitor to democracy and to freedom and to humanity. He was preparing to allow our enemies ample space to run amok, and as a patriot, coming from a long line of American patriots, I was certainly not going to allow our enemies to prevail. Things will change, for the better, and America will again be a prosperous nation, the greatest empire this world has ever seen, fighting evil and propping up freedom minded democracies around the world, along with our great allies in Russia and China. You might not see it now, but all of these great new changes will only act to improve all of our lives. I certainly hope that you understand, and if not, that’s ok. You will be directed to attend mandatory re-education training until you do understand. You are required to alert the DHS of any anti-american activities, talk or thoughts that you witness among your neighbors, and even when you sense it in yourselves. It is surely for the greater good. And I will leave you with these parting words, and please repeat after me “one day we all realized that a demon had grabbed hold of our beautiful country and was preparing to give in to the temptation of weakness. We were scared to death that our country would fall in to the harmful hands of our enemies, into the hands of cowards, into the hands of those who would have you believe that it is natural and good to think for yourselves, when what is truly natural and good is to think with each other the proper thoughts of the collective whole, the thoughts that we share with you and train you to think. I am an American, I am better than all other people besides our allies the Russians and the Chinese. I will do as I am told by those in power, because it is for the greater good. I will obey the new laws laid out for me to follow, and I will be a better American for this. I will not question those in power over me, and I will not question where my friends and relatives have gone, whether it was to their labor camp assigned to them by their date of birth, or to WSMR. I know in my heart that wherever they are, they are in a better place and whatever has happened to them, it is for the safety and security of this great nation, it is for the greater good. I will happily rise every morning to the playing of our new national anthem, and wear a smile on my face as I work in the factories, or in the fields. I will thank the patriot party for the beautiful, nutritious food that we are all blessed to have thanks to the great providers Monsanto, and the heroes that work in their laboratories. I will always remember that when I see something, it is my duty and obligation to say something. When I hear someone speak ill of the party, I must alert the party, for they are my providers, through their chemists Monsanto, and my protectors, through the military, through the police departments, through the Department of Homeland Security, through the FBI, the CIA, and through my friends in the Chinese military. May the patriot party bless America. May the patriot party bless every last one of us.” Until next time friends, stay safe and stay happy. You are an American and you are better than everyone else on the planet, besides the Russians and the Chinese, who are your equals. To the children, remember to eat all of the vegetables that great provider Monsanto has blessed you with, and remember, if your mom or dad speak ill of the party, it is your duty as American children to tell your friendly local policeman, soldier, DHS, FBI, or CIA agent, or Chinese soldier.
After the speech ended, the television went blank for five minutes, after which time the new government channel aired only films of speeches by ‘supportive citizens’, for the next three hours, followed by reruns of MTV’s Jersey Shore for the next three days, alternating with highlight reels of American football’s greatest games. We sat and watched. We sat around all day and into the night and drank what was left of the alcohol, knowing that when it was gone, we would need to sleep it off, we would need to sober up and we would need to move into action.

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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