A humanist/former catholic’s thoughts on easter

April 17, 2013

Jesus didn’t die for our sins, he was murdered because he was a radical, revolutionary Jew who was a threat to the status quo… he was murdered because he was teaching peace and love and equality… because he didn’t think that some should live in excess while others lay dying of hunger… there was no ‘choice’ between Jesus and Barabbas… they were the same person… there was no choice, the ruling elite placed the blame for the murder of this revolutionary man on the Jews… Bar Abba in Aramaic means son of the father, and he considered himself a child of the great spirit, not the physical son of a bearded white man in the sky. His life story was hijacked by those that killed him, and the church followed the empire to Rome, where it is today. They said that he walked on water, and turned water into wine… they turned him into a ‘god’ and forced countless thousands to convert to this religion, to emulate a man who turned the other cheek when his enemies hit him… who even accepted death on a cross rather that standing up and fight… follow him, follow religion… don’t ask questions…let the state do whatever it want’s… they turned this revolutionary into a symbol of passive obedience, and claimed that it’s ok to suffer in this life because there will be rewards in the next life. there is no afterlife… this is all we got. in his name, they forced the masses to convert, and killed millions, all in the name of god and under the banner of religion and the cross. we shouldn’t wear crosses around our necks, the symbol of torture and murder of a peaceful, revolutionary, brown man… we should fight against the system that murdered him for preaching about peace and equality, and that system is at the heart of every government in the world today. The Roman empire never fell, it just moved to England, then to America. We find it in Russia and in Australia. In Saudi Arabia and Israel, and Iran. We are still killing countless people who lead lives like Jesus, to this day. We are drone bombing people like him in the Middle East and South East Asia… we are denying them access to a better life by blocking our southern border (when the only reason they need to come here in the first place is because we destroyed their central and south american countries in the name of capitalism. I don’t go to church, I don’t believe in religion, or in the western idea of ‘god’… and I certainly don’t wear a cross around my neck. I don’t celebrate the fact that Jesus was murdered, when people like him are murdered it pisses me the fuck off. I don’t celebrate the murder of JFK either, that’s why you don’t see a sniper rifle pendant hanging around my neck. (thanks Bill Hicks) Think about it, if Jesus was hanged, millions of people would be wearing tiny gold or silver nooses. ‘but Jayson, the bible says…’… well, who wrote the bible? who records modern history? the people in power… and in Jesus’ day, the literate people capable of writing such a story, those in power, were in the roman empire. They killed him, now the church is in rome. call me crazy, but i think that just maybe… just maybe rome felt the need to take some liberties in telling the story of this man that they murdered. They could have told the story about someone else… they could have fabricated a tale about another revolutionary walking on water, but if that other man was ok with self defense… well, they couldn’t have the impoverished masses believing in a prophet who advocated peace and love and equality, but also self defense, and equality by any means necessary. why do you think that Christianity spread so quickly (by the sword) and rulers shied away from Islam, another fabricated religion, but one that allows for self defense??? a smart government doesn’t want the people to actually believe that it’s ok to defend themselves… that’s why they gave us a ‘god’ who turned the other cheek, and who let his ‘enemies’ nail him to a cross…’be like him’ they told us ‘and you will join him one day in paradise’…
I view Jesus as a beautiful, perfect example of non-violent civil-disobedience at it’s finest…not of a ‘god’ dying for our ‘sins’ so we can all go to heaven. We are in heaven…and hell… we are living in whatever we make of it. What he showed me is that it is better to let them kill you for what you stand for, for the truth that you speak… than it is to live as a slave in a world where your masters rape, pillage and steal from any and everyone. It is better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb… I’m not saying that non-violent resistance is better or worse than an armed struggle, but the real lesson we should have all learned from Jesus, that lesson of resistance to even the point of death on a cross, that lesson died the moment that they said he walked on water and said he was a god and said we could have paradise in an afterlife. he was not a god, he was human just like all of us. he was a goddamn good human. if people had heeded his call and accepted death rather than mental and physical slavery, we would be looking at a far different world today. but we believed in the god that rome created, and we want so bad for an afterlife that we accepted the bullshit they fed us as truth. god is in all of us, and
we all share a little bit of one big soul, to take the words from Steinbeck… we control our destiny, and can really make this world the place that jesus wanted it to be, the moment that we stop bowing down to authority and start listening to the authority of our consciences, start listening to humanity. in a way he did die for our sins…he didn’t die in vain…he let the state kill him to be an example of selflessness… to show that no one man is more important that the whole of humanity.

About soitgoes1984

I was born and raised on land stolen from the Pocumtuc. I now live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, on land that was stolen more recently, from the Hawaiians. I am addict, struggling to kick the habit of fossil fuel. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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