There is a reason

that we hear about

places like Barcelona

and not about

places like Bulu Sheikh,


Spain colonized and

Somalia was colonized.


I wonder if the terrorists

in Barcelona

saw the statue

of Christopher Columbus

before driving into the crowd


I wonder if it mattered

to the civilians we killed

in Bulu Sheikh

that Americans don’t

consider themselves








Break The Silence

Break the silence…


My hands are red

from blood thats shed

my tongue was bitten

another is dead

Betrayed with silence

for too many years

time now to break

from all the fear

Slavery ended

so too Jim Crow

but we quietly watched

the prisons grow…

selective enforcement

of man made laws

now we watch cops kill

without just cause

Another one tonight

and another tomorrow

as I turn out the light

my heart fills with sorrow

because of this empire built

on the backs of slaves

that is putting their children

in early graves…

We pay our taxes

and we wave our flags

we buy the bullets

and the body bags

as we all just sit back

and watch TV

pledging our allegience

while our neighbors can’t breathe…

We pretend that its liberty

and justice for all

but when the cops are killing,

who do you call?

Where do you go

and what…

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Typical American Weekend

This weekend has been a typical weekend

for the United States.

In Virginia,

a klan rally gathered around a statue

of one of their heroes,

carrying torches.

They even killed someone

and injured many.


A lot of Americans were at the beach

this weekend

enjoying summer

as it winds down.

Kids trying not to think

about the upcoming school year

where they will walk

through metal-detectors

into classrooms

where they will learn

nothing about history

and everything about patriotism

everything about obedience

and pledging allegiance

and nothing about critical though.

For many, this will happen while

they’re wearing their JROTC uniform,

the others will still learn these things,

and they will learn about teamwork

while on the football field

where they will get concussions.

Some of the others will run

cross-country instead

but they will all

be awe-struck

when they see the ribbons

and medals

the recruiter is wearing.

Many of them who,

at the beach

or in a pool this weekend

dread going back to school,

many of them will be

wearing real uniforms

next year

training to go fight

in many places

including Afghanistan

where, this weekend

US airstrikes killed

16 civilians

and for 16 years now

this has been happening

in Afghanistan.


For centuries now

men have been gathering

at rallies

around statues of their heroes

or gathering at rallies

around their heroes in the flesh

but on this typical American weekend

with American civilians

on beaches or in pools

and American kids dreading

going back to school

and Afghan civilians

under the rubble of hospitals

and schools,

this weekend

the hoods were removed

and pale faces

were illuminated

by tiki-torches

in Charlottesville



100 Proof

bottles fired break

bones more than

bullets or bombs

ever do


then replace

bottles with bibles

and believe

we want whats best

for you


test for you

pass or fail

pail full of ashes

and nails


no proof of you

or your cross

ashes gone with the wind

nails buried somewhere

beneath the heart land


gunpowder soaked

in spirits

hellbent on burning

drink up

now you’re learning


while we’re still turning


into boulevards

with cards stacked

by the pope


here’s another


this should help you




it would be quicker

with a rope

Still and all, why bother? Here's my answer. Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone. -Kurt Vonnegut