belly dancing on the dashboard

from May 2014

Bury my heart
Because mine eyes have seen enough
My eyes have seen enough
Of man’s inhumanity to man
But this isn’t a Robert Burns poem…
This is holy land
Where the sand is flying
Through the air
Where the sand is slip-sliding
Through the hourglass
And a long time ago
They heard a Crash
Now there’s a crack
And this sand is
Spilling out
Making me sick
To think
That we water our lawns
And they can’t get a drink
And we drink…
And we drink…
And we watch
football for the violence
As much as the score
And they can take more
Yes, they can take a lot
No, they won’t give up
No, they will not…
And they drink
And they drink
But it’s all polluted
And there’s a hole in their cup
Fill‘er up…
Fill‘er up…
Seventy dollars of gas
But it won’t last
And this won’t last
And soon enough
We’ll hear another crash
And the crack in this glass
will spread
like it did in the 80’s
to epidemic levels
disfiguring babies
depleted uranium
oh, my cranium…
oh, my cranium…
the Ukraine is weak!!!
And Kramer’s a racist
And Jerry drink’s coffee                                                                                                                   with comedians in cars
And I’m running out of
Friday night dive bars
Don’t drunk-drive cars
But still can’t make it past
Check point
I’m a nervous-fucking-wreck
And I’m running out of my sandals
And we’re running out of sand
And they’re running out of water
But don’t our lawns look grand!!!
There was a point
to all this
but I forget
and I forgot…
my passport…
check point
check point
Chubby Checker
Psychopathic politicians
Out fishin’ in Chappaquiddick
On a mission
Impossible to tell
Right from left
So I can pay admission
To the Bohemian club
And you must get
Bottle service
I get bottle service
Bottles and cans
Call collect
Message in a bottle
GMO cereal
And aspartame soda pop
Glass bottle
Glass ceiling
Glass beer bottles
Looking glass
Looking good
Looking at drunk Indian
Cleveland Indians
Cleveland rocks
Throw a rock at a tank
Throw a rock at a glass
Holding scissors
Cutting paper copies
Of treaties and UN resolutions
In a glass
Glass houses
Soda POP
Pop bottle
Soda Stream flooding televisions
Scarlett Johansson
Super propaganda
Bowling for Columbus
Sailing on a Dead Sea
Scrolling through channels
Broken remote
American dream
Built in the West Bank-                                                                                                                 rolling settlements
with watered green lawns
Dollar bill green
Grass growing
And blood makes the green grass
and tell me
Drinking water on settlement lawns is humane
Helping walls grow
Concrete walls growing
Watered with Coca Cola and Starbucks
in the West
Banksy open studio
art amongst olive trees
Take two
Two of these
One love
The liberty to re-write history
Washing brains
Waters flowing freely through Gethsemane
Help the garden grow
Kiss me on the cheek
Bury my heart in
I tore my ACL in a Walmart parking lot
Paved over history
Paved over Apache grave
On the game
In the
Prison yard
Prison bars
Looking up at the stars…
Looking glass
Scratch my name on this wall
Prison wall
Apartheid wall
Mental prison
And Rome fell
Follow suite
Follow your heart
Queen of diamonds
On a Red Sea
Bury me whole
I don’t have a heart
I’m a tin-man with wounded knees
And elbow grease…
Burning villages
Burning bridges
Burning crosses on lawns
And running
Nostrils from the
Made in America
Concentration camps
Made in America
At the white house
Seize property of
interning at…
Google: ‘War Relocation Camps’
Executive Order 9066
Concentration camps
Not internment
Hitler ran death camps,
We ran
And we
Dropped the bomb on the Japanese
Not the Nazis
Focus on the economy
Focus on the empire
Alligator tears for the holocaust
Alligator tears for war widows
We had Japan on it’s knees
But it was bombs away
Then the grand finale
To show the Rooski’s that
We ain’t gunna play nice
We TWICE raped
“virgin targets”
Blessed virgin
Marry me please?
And on the third day he rose again…
That boy from the West Bank
Got run over by a tank
And his family cries
tear gas tears
and snots
and sweat
and fear
and blood makes the green grass grow
along a trail of tears
grow a tail
and shovel snow from the nuclear winter
make radiated snow men
yellow men
red men
Red Man Chewing Tobacco
Redskins beat the Cowboys
Rock beats scissors
And in fields of glyphosate
Kids play
Cowboys and Indians
Atlanta Braves play Cleveland Indians
Just ignore
Zionists and Palestinians
This land is your land
This land is my land
Crash landing on Plymouth Rock
To cut off felt Mickey Mouse ears
At Disney Land
Walt Disney Land
Bombs landing on Pearl Harbor
Walt Disney land grab
Walt Disney was a Nazi
And the Warner Brothers were Jewish
And bunnies are nicer than mice anyhow
What up Doc?                                                                                                                                     cure cancer
Walter White
cooking meth
Breaking Bad
Breaking waves in Ala Moana
Cooking Spam
And meth
Forget pounding Poi
And catching fish

Breaking bad
Breaking news,

it’s the Walking Dead
Colonized and occupied
Hula dancing zombies
Dosey doe-over dosing
Hooked on English language phonics
Hooked on Spam
Hooked on meth
Cook meth
Cook Spam
Captain Cook
Cooking books…
Titles and deeds
Missionary medicine
Stealing ocean front property
to build churches
and pineapple plantations
bringing sand to Waikiki
to create a postcard
and a red light district for sailors
who put a culture on the dashboard
dance for me
grass skirt and a coconut bikini top
shaken, not stirred
Mai Tai’s and Chi Chi’s
Strum a ukulele
As the Mormon’s tell your history
Leaving out pineapple plantations
and DDT
Christianizing Pele
Pushing firewater
And ice
Keep em’ liquored up and high
Give em’ strip clubs
Meth labs
And diabetes
While genetically modifying paradise
A steady diet of
Fukushima fish
And arsenic rice
Wash it all down
With corn syrup cola
And glyphosate water
And maybe a 6-pack of GMO beer
To wash down the venison…
The deer and the pigs
eat the chemical-filled test crops
and Pele’s children
are the lab rats
and the test
is how much destruction the ʻāina can take
just how much torture can Pele take
before she blows her top?
And it’s a cop out to not care
And you ain’t going anywhere
Like the chemicals in the water and soil
Spoiling this beautiful earth
Spoiling souls                                                                                                                                    Soul searching
Stuck in an open-air prison
And precision bombs
Still kill babies in Gaza
And the Twelfth Imam isn’t helping
Tear down these walls
Where’s Mr. Gorbachev?
Tear down this wall…
And in the halls of congress
AIPAC hijacks history
But American activists throw stones hypocritically
From cracked-glass iPhones
Ripped from the grip of modern-day slavery

And this white buffalo sure is savory
We ate their soul
Gave em’ liquor and casinos
Turned cultures into mascots
And others into red dots
On video game screens
Remote controlled doves
Reigning down democracy
And freedom
And love
Above Afghanistan
And Pakistan
And Yemen
And…the Rooski’s are the bad guys
God is on our side…
And we love you
And let’s go get Vietnamese food
Agent Orange chicken
And an Arab Spring roll
Cluck cluck
But the duck hunter games
Put guns into the hands
Of Reagan babies
And Ritalin tweaked our minds
But the 80’s
Is ancient history
And now computer nerds hunt people
Not ducks
With drones
Not Nintendo’s
And we just
Have the cultures we topple
Available for dinner
At Second Avenue restaurants
Their souls
Like white buffalo meat
Do you want Korean?
No, Vietnamese…
How about Thai?

No, wait…
There’s a new Hawaiian place
Will they serve Spam
And meth
With a side of invasion
And annexation
And occupation
And exploitation?
And can you taste
my breath?
Uncle Sam breathing down their necks
Every branch of the military
Still occupying these islands
But blind
We just see hula hips
And hear Elvis
Stealing another culture
While Bruddah Iz cries
From an oversized grave
Coupons to buy
Over eighty-five percent of the food here is imported
And ninety percent of the energy needs
Come from overseas
Even though Pele’s perfectly capable of providing
could nourish these islands
Many times over
But, no
We stuck a dagger through Pele’s heart
And a government tit in her mouth
And took the most fertile land in the world
And this year round growing season
For inedible GMO test crops
That these chemical companies
Import cheap labor to grow
So, don’t drink the water
There’s glyphosate
But don’t bring it up
It’s a touchy subject
Because Monsanto’s the biggest
Employer on the island
And they claim
To be Ohana
Claim to care
And Uncle Sam claims
That the locals are far better off
Because, without government…
Who would build the roads?
And who would allow chemical companies
To call themselves farmers
And make Zyklon B
Look like corn
Stick of butter
Salt shaker
Stick a culture on the dashboard
In a grass skirt
Shake them hula hips
But not in church!
These are Christian islands!
And without government
Who would give an energy company
A monopoly
Armed robbery
Wrapping red tape
Around a permitting process
Suffocating solar                                                                                                                           while burning diesel
and trying to run an undersea cable
Through a whale sanctuary
To give Honolulu a drop
In the bucket
Less than five percent
Of their energy needs
From windmills on younger islands
Where they don’t want a cable
Don’t want chemical companies                                                                                              running open field tests
don’t want Spam
Or meth                                                                                                                                            They want to be free
They want sovereignty!                                                                                                             Afghanistan has been occupied
For a while,
But Hawaii?
Since the days
When they came
With stacks of bibles
And rifles
And built the old sugar mills
And moved in the navy
And the infantry
And marines…
Longest military occupation in US history
Since the kingdom fell

Besides the ‘mainland’
There? It’s been centuries.
And George Washington
Taught Ben-Gurion well
So, Palestinians still have
A whole lot more hell
To go through
Before their culture
Is left belly dancing on the dashboard
Before there are GMO test crops in Bil’in
Before they’re slinging Spam
Out of falafel carts in East Jerusalem
There’s still a lot more hell to go through
Before Gaza gets casinos
And firewater
And Ramallah
and Hebron
Get Mai Tai’s and meth labs
But I don’t know…
What’s their M.O.?
You see,
Americans slaughter ninety-five percent
And Christianize the rest
But what will the Zionists do
When they’re through?
Just how much
Have they learned from us?
Will there be casinos in Gaza?
Will they clear the rubble
to build
a Mediterranean resort community
with fancy restaurants
where you have to call ahead
to make
Will there be Californian surfer dudes
Living in VW buses
Watching a culture
Belly dancing on their dashboards
As they wash down
Spam sandwiches
With a Grande iced-latte
Served by a Palestinian woman
Forced to say
“Have a nice day”
For minimum wage
At Starbucks?
Just how much
Have they learned
From us?
Sold us
Dead Sea salt
Stolen from occupied land
I get a what
Has the student surpassed the teacher?
They learn quick
These new kids on the block
In the land-grab candy shop
With the golden ticket
Make your Papa proud
Learn quick
Kidding ourselves when we forget
Forgot history
Misuse an inhumane tragedy
To justify inhumane “policy”
And it bothers me
That we can’t see
That no one should be allowed                                                                                                             to use inhumanity                                                                                                                                to excuse inhumanity
and the occupied people are semites as well
and it’s not anti-semitic to want peace
Not apartheid
it’s not democratic                                                                                                                            when a whole government is off limits
Because they hijack and hide behind a religion
That by their actions
They can’t possibly believe in
And it’s a fucking sin
Tearing down a culture
Building settlements over olive farms                                                                                                and villages                                                                                                                                          and graveyards
Dividing Isaac and Ishmael
With a US taxpayer funded wall
Oh brother, where art thou?
Not just another brick
Making me sick
Brick by brick
Dismantling the Warsaw Ghetto
Brick by
Bricks through the windows
Of Synagogues long forgotten
Left burning
With books
And bodies
And memories of Dachau
Torn from history
Burning pages
Put out with alligator tears
For grandparents
And great-grandparents
Burning bushes
And witches
And crosses
Burning crops
And villages
And when will it end?
And who will these words offend?
Oh, great-grandma
Fleeing Vilna
Forgive me
For loving you
And all the Jews
And all the belly dancers
And hula dancers
And fire dancers too
“I’m for truth,
no matter who tells it.
I’m for justice,
No matter who it’s for
Or against”
Said Brother Malcolm
And I agree
X marks the spot
On the map
Treasure map
Take islands
Turtle Island
I mean Gaza…
Take Lewis and Clark
Westward expansion
Take the West Bank
Bank statements
Banks taking houses
Foreclose on dream homes
Built among olive trees
in fields of broken dreams
I have a dream…
A nightmare of pineapple plantations
And liquor soaked reservations
Pine Ridge
Fill the fridge
With cheap beer and diet coke
I’ll have another
Coke and a smile
It’s been a while
But Isaac and Ishmael were brothers
And Jesus was a Jew
And he was born in the West Bank
And now we have praying Indians
And praying Hawaiians
With cigarettes
And Starbucks
And meth labs
And casinos
And chemical-saturated soil                                                                                                     draining into the reef
And waves
Crash into me
Smash what’s left of the hourglass
Crash course in humanity
Because time has run out

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We lie to ourselves about being powerless

and pretend that humanity’s not in distress

and we live to impress the people next door

but they’re no better than us, if we’re both funding war


and the addicts we judge don’t shoot barrels of oil

we may think it’s awful, but we’re high on the spoils

as the rifle recoils, we drive off to work

don’t see blood on our hands, we’re just a mail clerk


or a banker, a lawyer, a truck driver, or cop

there’s less blood on the hands down at the chop-shop

it’s a cop-out to act like there’s nothing we can do

don’t make April 15th, a day that you rue


there’s not a gun to your head forcing you to pay

the worst they can do, at the end of the day

is send you to jail for not funding the war

but your conscience or your freedom,

which do you value more?


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I find it amazing how so many people

pay so little attention

to so many wars

considering so many hours of their lives

are taken from them by way of so many tax dollars

so that places colonized by the west so long ago

can sacrifice so many more peasants

so the bull may continue it’s charge

from Wall Street to so many more places

with nameless streets and tired faces

where traces of humanity are kept out of sight

so that stocks may rise

with each firefight…


But I can’t keep up

and I’m too tired to fight

too tired to say ‘this isn’t right’

after working all day

and passing out exhausted at night

I know that from my sweat

other people will die

but I’m too tired to cry

too tired to ask ‘why?’







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Their Might

There might or might not

be a “God”

there might or might not

be an afterlife

there might or might not

be ‘good’ and ‘evil’

there might or might not

be a reason that we’re here

there might or might not

be a method to all this madness

there might or might not

be an end to all this sadness

there might or might not

be a reason to have hope

in a brighter future

but hope we will, still

day after day

and year after year

we won’t succumb to the fear

that you instill

we won’t give up

as you kill us

one by one

or by the thousand

we will resist

until the last drop

of our blood

flows from our bodies

and we will resist, still

as that blood

nourishes the earth

and life begins anew

as a tree grows

from the ashes of Babylon

life will carry on

because, so it goes…

though no one knows

who or what

might eat it’s fruit

or whether or not

it will even take root

either way,

the blood will nourish it

and whether or not it flourishes

time will tell

and even if it does,

a lumberjack may fell it

and a lumberyard may sell it

but don’t let them pell-mell you

let me tell you a story

always go with your gut,

forget about the glory

might doesn’t make right

doesn’t lead to the light

doesn’t give you insight

no, the strongest don’t fight

but weak minds

find reason to bind

to say you must grind

or you’ll be left behind

but forget about

the scream and shout

forget about the chase

forget about keeping pace

maybe it’s time

to about face

leave the rat race

and look out to space

gaze out at the stars

from time to time

no need for a nickel

or a dime

no need for a looking glass

to see

that we’re all born

and we all die free

and you don’t need a degree

and you certainly don’t need pedigree

if we’re lucky

we’ll all nourish a tree

or we’ll wash out to sea

whether we lived on dirty water

or Cognac and tea

no more baguettes and brie

no more maggots and fleas

if you want a revolution

look to the butterflies and bees

get on your knees and plant trees

though they might or might not grow

and we might or might not know

that the truth was never spoken by a prophet

and the truth was never written in a book

the truth is within those who look

at the world and think

‘what else can I give?’

not those who look at the world and think

‘what else can I take…?’

as they frantically dig deeper and deeper

trying to capture every last bone

and every last drop of blood

until Mother Earth

is among the dead.


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Dead Doves

Every day, our cats kill at least a few doves

somedays they get a cardinal

somedays a myna

but usually, it’s all doves.

Once in a while,

they get a rat

or a mouse

but for the most part

all they kill

are the doves.

To their credit,

the cats eat nearly everything

so we only ever find

a small pile

of scattered feathers

just enough to prove

that the doves ever existed,

but body and bones

are gone.

Day after day

dove after dove

they never tire of it.

For a while, I was keeping track

but I lost count long ago.

So many dead doves.

The cats carry on.

Business as usual,

begging for cat food

though their bellies are full

and their breath smells of death.


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above the rustling of the leaves

and the clucking of the chickens

and the singing of the birds

and the crashing of the waves

and the barking of the dogs

and the meowing of the cats

and the neighing of the horse

and bleating of the sheep

and goats

and above the rest

of the natural world

is the awful sound

of those goddamn helicopters

buzzing above an otherwise peaceful place

on an otherwise peaceful day

as they train to destroy

an otherwise peaceful place

and they train to slaughter

an otherwise peaceful people.


The question we have to ask ourselves is:

who plays for their fuel?

Better yet, who paid for the helicopter?


Since we have the receipts.

why can’t we make

all this goddamn noise

and all this goddamn killing



When you start training

to drop medicine

and food

instead of bullets

and bombs

then you can pollute

the space between us

and the stars

with such noise

and such violence.

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The script was written

long ago

with an apple bitten

so we’d never know

that the truth was in us

all along

but they stole our solstice

and silenced our song

and said the devil made us dance

and if we pray to their God

we might have a chance

but the seasons kept us sane

as their God brought war

our mother brought rain

so that seeds of love might grow

now we welcome spring

through the melting snow.


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