Where the hell does the time go 

I can’t believe I’ll be thirty-five

I can’t believe that I’m still alive 

though there’s still some days 

I don’t want to be

hearing people still shouting 


while we’re drowning 

nearly half of humanity 

with our compliant behavior 

and our apathy

shedding alligator tears 

while we drink our tea


Where the hell does the time go,

eighteen years later 

and the rivers flow 

to a sea of red,

we sing the blues 

but we ignore the dead 

if they’re not white,

we turn off the light and pretend 

that we’re not the ones who send 

death knocking down their door, 

using our bread to kill their poor.


Where the hell does the time go, 

people say only god knows 

but maybe god is just an idea 

that they turned into ideology 

to drive a wedge between you and me

as they shackled the world with fear

that we numb with religion and beer 

and we still hum along 

as they beat the drums 

it’s the same fucking script 

as a new war comes

sure to drag on just like the rest 

Wall Street loves these kind

of wars the best

so sign up your sons 

and your daughters

if they make it home

they’ll get some bread 

for being cannon fodder.


Where the hell does the time go, 

I asked god once

she said she doesn’t know 

it just ends too quickly

like your favorite show 

that you used to watch 

when you were a kid

before they lost pandora’s lid.


Where the hell does the time go, 

and why did we let our dimes grow 

into a monstrous death machine?

The war can die now that its eighteen

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A few bad apples

The people who say,

“There’s just a few bad apples”

refuse to look at 

the roots of the trees, refuse 

to believe the soil tests

refuse to believe 

that those apples aren’t rotten,

refuse to believe 

that all the apples 

are fresh, that trees were planted 

in toxic soil and now 

the apples grow as 

they were supposed to, toxic

right down to the core,

can we really expect more? 

But for so long we’ve eaten 

at this orchard, it’s

nourished us and helped us all 

to flourish in life

and we keep buying apples

and they’re even more toxic 

than before, but we

can’t see the toxicity, 

how could we notice 

the orchards toxic when we 

refuse to look at ourselves? 

It’s easy to say, 

there’s a rotten one now and 

then, it’s easy to 

pretend the rest of them are

healthy, and that we are too

but it matters not 

what we do. Change the farmer 

the fruits still the same, 

and toxic apples make pie

that’s absolutely to die 

for, no use pointing 

fingers and shifting blame, it’s 

a shame we can’t taste 

the poison that were hooked on,

but we can’t go on without 

it, we can’t go on 

without buying these apples 

and eating this pie

and living this lie that there

are just a few bad apples

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The roots run so deep 

and it’s poison all the way

down. Cutting down the 

trees won’t help if we replant 

in the same toxic soil.

The soil must heal

but we won’t even deal 

with the fruit, so roots

will remain untouched, and the 

soil forever toxic.

No matter what seeds

we plant, the fruit will make us 

more and more and more 

sick because these seeds will grow 

in the same toxic soil

and the trees will bear 

fruit that will match the soil

but we’ll wonder why 

so many people still die

as we support the farmer.

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Squealing For More

If you curse the name

Donald Trump but have never

heard the names William

Kristol or Robert Kagan

I suggest you begin to

read what was written

by these men and signed by the

who’s who of DC’s

neoconservative crew,

Cheney, Jeb, Dan Quayle,

Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld,

Scotter Libby, and over

a dozen other

men who belong in jail for

war crimes, for scripting US

history, making

it rhyme, transitioning from

DC to Lockheed,

you need to read “REBUILDING


instead of cursing

Donald Trump for border walls

and fences, sure he’s

a monster but the devil

hides in plain sight, the devil

is the old white men

who lied us into Iraq

and are lying us

into Iran 18 years

later, still lying about

Afghanistan, we’re

still there, still we don’t care, still

we’re all blissfully

unaware of just how bad

these men are, but still we fuel

their wars and their cars

John Bolton should be behind

bars with all his friends

but we keep giving them bread

that they turn into bombs and

send around the world

doing what they said they’d do

when PNAC started

twenty-two years ago. If

you think Donald Trump dreamed up

the “SPACE FORCE” you should

go do a little research,

this group of white men

penned their vision for a new

military branch back in

the year 2000

in the same document that

lays out all their plans

and spells out , in plain English,

that it will be a long road

to get to where they

want to go, without some sort




they wrote all these words

exactly one year before


ignited the drums of war

and 18 years, countless lives,

trillions of dollars,

and millions of refugees

later, these war pigs

are still all over TV

and in print, squealing for more.

The revolving door

brings them from government ranks

to neocon think-

tanks and into the boardrooms

of Wall Street banks and weapons


and onto FOX, CNN,

even PBS,

so the next generation

will cheer on or ignore this


disgusting, inhumane war

after war, this mess

that we all pay for in more

ways than we can understand

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Manifesting (some restrictions may apply)

We create our own

reality, some people

say but what about

the reality of those

people who have to lay their

children into graves

because the reality

created for them

by American taxes.

You can’t manifest your way

to safety when bombs

begin to fall, you can’t call

the universe when

the policeman thinks your cell-

phone is a gun. What good is

your reality

if you keep creating hell

for everyone you

were taught not to care about? 

Sure, go on manifesting 

but understand that 

privilege is helping you out,

not the universe.

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A Happy Haiku

A happy haiku

I want to write, but I can’t.

People are awful

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I Drove A Car Last Night

*WARNING*GRAPHIC CONTENT* (This poem is about cruelty to animals. This is sadly a true story. The police are not providing animal control services, though they get county funding to do so. There is a small understaffed & underfunded nonprofit clinic here but our only vet is away for a family emergency. My wife & I volunteer to foster dogs since the clinic legally can’t house any animals, and there is no shelter on island. The police department have a dozen empty kennels they are supposed to use & are funded to use, but they turn people away who call about abandoned and stray animals. We had 18 foster dogs when I left the farm last night, now we have 19. I wish we had 20. So it goes…)




(Written June 11, 2019)

I drove a car last night

for the first time

in over a year

and when I got where I was going

my eyes welled with tears.


I drove a car last night

and my eyes cannot unsee

the sight of mans inhumanity

that I saw as I walked 

up to a near-lifeless dog

with half of his brains

dangling from his head

left there to die

but still far from dead.


I drove a car last night

though my conscience

makes me ride a bike

but when a frantic man called

appalled at what he’d seen

I grabbed a knife

and got in the car.


I drove a car last night

and it took all of my might

to do what had to be done

and for the first time

in a very long time

I wished that I had a gun.


I drove a car last night

and the dog still had life in his eyes

and I was thinking

how we could get

back to the farm

and stabilize him

but he had more brains

out than in

and if this isn’t a sin

there is no God.


I drove a car last night

because the police came

and saw the condition of this dog

and thought nothing of the sight

as they filed a report

about a dog bite on the son

of the man who ran home

and got a knife,

not to take the life

of the dog 

but to act out scenes

from Hollywood horror movies.


I drove a car last night

and I’m sick to my stomach now

just thinking about the sight

that I can’t unsee

but I’m grateful

that I was able to free

this poor, poor, precious dog

from such pain and misery

no longer tied

to a three foot chain

no longer owned

by people so inhumane

no longer lacking food

and lacking love

I buried him

at midnight last night

and planted a tree above him

and he’ll nourish the roots,

trunk, branches and limbs.


I drove a car last night

because I had to euthanize one dog

and rescue his sister

a beautiful blue nose

who kept licking my arm

on the way home

but before I left

the scene of the crime,

the traumatized Samaritan

who called my wife and I

gave me a hug, thanked me

and said he’d called the police

weeks ago

because they get paid to run

animal control

but they said

“leave the dogs where they are”

that is, chained up

and abandoned

in an empty yard

and though this neighbor

struggles to pay his bills

he visited the abandoned dogs

every single day

and filled their food and water

and he ran out of his house

to what he called

the most awful screams

he’d ever heard

and as he got there,

the father of the boy

who was bitten by the dog

on the three foot chin

in the empty yard

dropped the knife

and didn’t say a word.


I drove a car last night

because where I live

the police take money

from the county budget

to provide animal control

but don’t do a anything

to control animals,

don’t take in abandoned animals

and apparently don’t put animals,

chopped up and suffering

with more than half of their brains hanging out,

out of their misery.


I drove a car last night

and I’m not mad at the man

who attacked this poor dog,

maybe morally he has a right

to kill the dog, maybe not,

I’m not here to argue that,

I’m just sad for the man

and sadder for his son

because if the man got a gun

and shot the dog

the dog would have died instantly

but I’m sad that the man

wanted to see the dog suffer,

and how much pain

must the man be in in his life

to want to see any creature suffer

and I’m not mad that the police

didn’t charge this man

with animal cruelty

in the first degree, a felony

in the state of Hawaii,

I’m angry that the police,

who can’t try to blame

raw emotion

like the father can,

saw this dog

with more than half

his brains hanging out

and left him there

to die a slow, painful,

cruel, lonely death.


I drove a car last night

and on my ride home,

with a lifeless body

in the trunk

and a beautiful dog

riding next to me

on her way to freedom

I wondered how a man

could be so cruel

and how the police

could be so cruel

and then I thought about

the world we live in

where cruelty to humanity

is something we all see on TV,

how bombs fall

overseas, constantly

and how the police kill

black and brown people

with impunity

and we’ve all seen it

for so long

we’ve all grown up

hearing war songs

and learning that violence

is always the only answer

to any perceived wrongs,

like a dog

on a three foot chain

abandoned in an empty yard,

scared and scarred

from abuse and neglect

biting a child that steps

into the tiny bubble

that the dog exists in.


I drove a car last night

and right now, all I can do

is hold my dogs tight

and fight for a better world

where neither man nor beast

is treated inhumanly.



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