The Call It Blowback

We all wonder why

there’s chaos around the world.

They call it blowback.

This chaos we see today,

is thanks to the CIA.


From the Middle East

and all the Americas

to South East Asia

we’re reaping what we have sown

and we sow more every day



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All These Cells

We’re no more than cells.

We think we’re so important

but the earth will spin

long after humans are gone.

All that’s left will be plastic


but even plastic

will all slowly disappear

bottles and straws and

all of it, gone. Not a trace

of us or our God, money.


Temples will crumble

nature will consume cities

where trees will return

and soil will be enriched

by the rusting tanks and jets


The mass graves of war

will disappear, bones and all

just like they wanted

when they buried the bodies

all of them gone. Not a trace


of how terrible

we were, us cells with ego

no trace of any

of the awful things we did

all of us will be long gone


from the prison cell

we built over paradise

and locked ourselves in.

When the aliens get here

they’ll find no signs of us cells


they won’t find a trace

of intelligent life here.

If they came today

they’d find hate and fear, they’d find

all these cells killing themselves


intelligent life

wouldn’t be what they call us

we’re certainly not

but we believe that we are

and beliefs can be deadly.







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You’re not resisting

if you’re still paying taxes,

you’re letting off steam

it feels good to scream sometimes

but real change takes sacrifice



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Unplug It

You’re finally raging

against the machine, but you

should just unplug it.

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Those Who Make Rivers Flow

Just by existing

in this system we live in

we cause suffering

so much senseless suffering

yet we care who wears the crown.


Washington is Rome,

there might be different Caesars

but they’re just helmsmen.

keeping the empire on course

it’s the system that guides them


it’s the stock market,

it’s our war economy

it’s the illusion

that America is free

and that we’re here to help you


and that a big wave

will wash all our blues away

as long as you vote

on Tuesday November 6th

election day, change will come!


But it’s a see-saw

teeter-tottering, left, right

and time after time

history doesn’t just rhyme

it keeps repeating itself


left, right, left, right, and

we think that it’s a fair fight

think we can beat them

but this is their game, their schools

that we’re educated in


we think we can win

but sometimes the only way

to put out a fire

is to stop adding more fuel.

This system cannot save us


this system birthed in

genocide and slavery,

divide and conquer

who do you think introduced

racism and bigotry?



is our guiding principle

for it we will kill

civilians by the million,

and bill US taxpayers


and we all exist

in this, afraid to resist,

so our allegiance

remains pledged to Uncle Sam

and we are all entertained


the entertainer,

he’s well trained to juggle fear

and we all hate him

but we’re all captivated

and we think it’s just a fluke


that it hasn’t been

part of the game from the start

but it has long been

Uncle Sam is no better

than any king that ever ruled


he was just better

schooled at methods of control

and we all answered

every time that he called roll

and we’re all still answering


we venerate cash

our king, we sing the praises

of material

things and diamond rings bind us

to the American dream


we still hold out hope

it helps us cope with the truth

which we blissfully

ignore, like the war that we

obediently pay for


we’re obedient

and for our obedience

we’re all rewarded

with subsidized corn and beer,

bread and circuses for all


and loudly we cheer

year after year after year

and we put our eggs

from one basket to the next

Kennedy, or Obama


Bernie, whoever

they all take the eggs and run

and the wealthy eat

omelets, the poor go hungry

with nothing to eat but war


and they choke on bombs

and drown in rivers of blood

the names sound the same,

Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump

those who make the rivers flow


but they’ve always flowed

and we can believe in change

it feels good sometimes

but all that ever changes

is those committing war crimes.


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The Fall

Every single day

I get closer to the edge

one day at a time

one step at a time, until

there’s nothing left but the fall.

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The moon is waxing

it’s almost full, shining down

and the dogs will howl.

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