The 13th

It’s Friday again, the thirteenth

day of the seventh month

of the year two thousand

and eighteen

and we don’t need scary movies anymore

nothing is more violent

nothing is more vicious

nothing is more inhumane

nothing is scarier

than seventeen years

of war

and the countless years that lay ahead

and the roses are always red

and we always talk a good talk

but our walk certainly says

“fuck the dead”

and we’re always quite well fed

on exactly what we want to hear

to keep us from shedding

even a single tear…

but even if we cry,

by the millions

the people will still die

and we will still be hiding

behind our hockey mask

signing our souls away

to the taxman

to Uncle Sam

and the pen

is the smoking gun

in our our hand

and we all still believe in

united we stand

and we all still believe in

scary movies

and we all still believe in


and we should

because we are one,


terrorizing the world

hiding behind

our hockey masks.

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Without Ever Thinking Twice

After the rain stopped I sat there on that lava rock

with the warm trade winds drying my wet clothes

and the ocean making music

waves crashing on the rocks around me

the push and pull, that timeless dance

taking a little bite of the earth before heading back out to sea

one step in, one step back, one step in, one step back

and it’s easy to lose track of time watching this dance

listening to this music of the sea

and my mind plays tricks on me

the grey clouds on the horizon look like land

but there’s nothing but Pacific for thousands of miles to the north

and the sun starts to peak in through the clouds

just enough to paint the water a thousand shades of blue

and days like today remind me of Sao Miguel

remind me of that place we stayed near that cute little village

right near the ocean

and those wave-blasted rocks

and this paper

beat scissors every time

trying to cut and paste memories to ease my mind

but I find that even here

with nothing to hear but the waves

I can’t erase humanity

I can’t forget all the graves

and how we pave over places like this

pave over little pieces of paradise

without ever thinking twice


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In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue

and in nineteen hundred and ninety-two as a student in an American public school

I was forced to learn songs and make artwork

celebrating 500 years since an Italian explorer discovered the new world

only it wasn’t new, and it was already discovered

and he left it covered in millions of dead

and he only led the invasion,

the discovery is ongoing

and 526 years later

more fossils are discovered

and a continent is left covered in pipelines

and meth labs

and earthquakes

and no one gives

but everybody takes

and lifelines are cut

and gates are chained shut

and Columbus’ sword is still in the gut

of indigenous people still dying

and the empire is still lying about it’s intent

as the people lose track

of all the new lands

where their soldiers

and their mercenaries are sent

hellbent on finding more

of what was never lost

no, Columbus never stopped sailing

and humanity covers the cost

as the king and the queen and the pope

count all the gold

and tighten the rope


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Shooting Stars

Sometimes I lay awake at night staring up at the ceiling

and sometimes it’s ants marching across

and sometimes it’s spiders swinging from the rafters

and sometimes I walk outside and look up at the stars

and sometimes there are airplanes

and sometimes it’s distant satellites

but sometimes it’s shooting stars

and I remember looking for shooting stars

when I was in Baghdad and couldn’t sleep

and could use a wish or two to get me through

but there were only those suicide fireflies,

that laser light show

never stop, always go

and looking up at the stars now,

I wonder what would have happened

if I drove off the base one night

and kept going until I ran out of gas

or out of  luck

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Pour Out The Snake Oil

Let’s pour out the snake oil

no more royals and gods

as we’re hedging our bets

they are stacking the odds

but as facades start to crumble

we’ll watch ’em fumble and fall

just beware propaganda,

keep your eye on the ball

they might call up demanding

that you pay the tax man

but those dollars still blow up

in Afghanistan


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Rumors Of Peace


We get optimistic when we look to the sky

but the stars shine the brightest long after they die

this planet is polluted, our sun is burning hot

turning blind eyes we ruin our little blue dot

where both ice, snow, and plastic melt into the sea

come heathens and preachers won’t you sing along with me

and we’ll dance and we’ll dream

of a day that will never come

and the drums that we circle and the fires we light

keep our minds far away from the wars that we fight

we buy rumors of peace sold by pigs who can’t fly

while they steal our last dollars sending children to die

and we lie to each other saying things aren’t so bad

numb our pain with illusions kill to follow the fad

and so stocks can rise higher still more bombs have to fall

we don’t care who…

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It’s Just Paper & Pen

We pray, everyday, take our blues far away

we just want to watch the game

the stadiums filled, is the present God willed?

All our skeletons look the same…


Closets are clean when screens are green

watch the elephant disappear

we holler and hoot, they aim and they shoot

and millions of people cheer


and tears leave the sky but untrained eyes

say rain is pouring down

the levees are broke behind mirrors and smoke

and millions of people drown


and an old woman’s frown and weary eyes of brown

hide stories we refuse to hear

with bloodshot eyes we soak in lies

and stay high on the fear


can’t speak, hear, or see, we think that we’re free

but its all just sleight of hand

rabbits in hats and old Cheshire cats

as millions of fires are fanned


humanity burns, with fortune’s wheel turned

by people scripting fate

it’s just paper and pen, held by evil men

who live to desecrate






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